Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Four for auction Auction is OVER, one to give away (CONTEST!!) And we have a WINNER!!

Thanks everyone for bidding and entering the contest. High bidders, please use the "make a donation" button in the left margin for payment using paypal or contact me for other forms of payment.

and now to the winner of the Meanest, toughest hook I've ever made...the Australian Red Gum hook....... Drum roll please... rumpa pum pum.... is..... Laughing Purple Goldfish from Australia!! FANTASTIC!!!

For those who haven't had the pleasure, Laughing is an AMAZINGLY talented Australian crochetier and a very deserving recipient. Check out her blog at http://laughingpurplegoldfish.com/

I picked the winner by random choice, not from the hook names, BUT I have to say my favorite name was "Diplohookticus Jimbosai 'Australis' eucalyptus camaldulensis, common name 'Red Ned'". Ingenious, Beth!! Ah but I also kinda like the name I came up with.. "Redrum", you know from "The Shining" cause it sounds kinda like "Redgum" and spells "murder" backwards.

So, Laughing Purple, if you'd kindly email me an address where the hook's to go, I'll send it off. Aussie wood will be returning to Oz! Probably with some amazing tales to tell.

And thanks again to everyone who entered!! This was fun!! Keep watching. We'll do another contest someday soon.


(click on image to enlarge)

Hot off the Jimbo lathe... 5 hooks of beautiful woods; four are up for bids, one will be given away FREE!!

Lets take a look first at the contest hook (on the far right of the photo). This is a one of a kind hook and it will remain unique in the list of Jimbo hooks as far as the wood type goes.

Of course there's a story behind this. I've been interested in the woods of Australia. The land of Oz grows some really beautiful woods, so when I saw an ad on Craigslist for genuine Australian Red Gum, being sold by an arborist about 40 miles away, I hopped in the truck and beat it over there to buy some. In fact I bought several board feet of the stuff. What I didn't know is that Australian Red Gum is NOT good wood to use on a lathe. The wood splinters and likes to fly off the lathe and attack me. Ah but I don't give up easy. I toughed it out even though a chunk flew off the heel end and tried to impale my hand. So although I finished the hook and its a beauty, I took the hint and won't be turning any more Australian Red Gum into crochet hooks. Now don't get me wrong.... Red Gum is a beautiful wood and it makes some really nice furniture and such. It just doesn't normally want to become crochet hooks. I managed to convince just this one and it turned out to be a beautiful I (5.5mm) hook that's 7 3/4 inches (19.7mm) long!

I took SO much time to make the Red Gum hook that I thought it either should sell for hundreds or I should give it away. I doubt anyone would want to pay hundreds, so I'm giving it away. If you've an interest in an incredibly rare Jimbo hook in Australian Red Gum... all's you have to do is enter the contest by posting a "comment" in this blog entry or by emailing me with an appropriate name for this hook. I'll do a drawing of the entries and post the winner on Jan. 20. One entry per person, please except Australians, who have to put up with this wonderful HEAVY and HARD and DANGEROUS wood get TWO entries each. Also, in appreciation to my wonderful blog followers, your entry will count twice too, just mention that you're a follower and you get two chances!

You can email your entries if posting comments doesn't work, at


Now on to the 4 hooks up for bids. Lets start on the left and call this one hook #1. This beauty is made from genuine and downright purty Deadman Crick Bush Maple cut my me from a dead branch in a bush not more than a stone's throw (and I can't throw so far anymore) from the Front Porch. Its an N (10mm) and would love to cuddle in your hand and help you make whatever N's like to make. It's longish, at 7 3/4 inches (19.7cm) but light as a Deadman Crick turkey feather.

Moving to the right, we have a hook (#2) made from a chunk of local Black Walnut. This piece of wood has been curing in my basement for about a year and I finally cut it into pieces on my bandsaw and was amazed at the beautiful color of the wood. Ordinarily I'm not a huge fan of walnut. I grew up during a walnut craze and tired of the stuff long ago. But there are exceptions and this chunk of wood is one of them. Its just beautiful! Grain so clear and deep, it's just a remarkable piece of wood. And the hook? I decided to let the hook find it's own size as it was made. Turns out it became an H! (5mm), and the length is a very comfortable 7 inches long (17.8cm). I promise you, this isn't just your ordinary ho hum walnut.

Next hook (#3) is made of that same chunk of walnut, only (shhhh I don't want the other hook to be jealous) even prettier, with wavy grain that you'll just enjoy sitting and staring at; it changes in the light as you move it around. At least I enjoy just sitting and staring at it. And this one is even more unique. It came out the same length at 7 inches (17.8cm) but decided all on own to be between the H and I, at 5.25mm. Do you own an H.5? I bet not. And you won't see a prettier walnut hook. Beauty has its quirks eh?

And last up is a hook (#4) made from exotic Zircote, a hardwood that runs from brown to black to dusky tan in VERY defined streaks. In fact, if I didn't tell you, you might think that this is several pieces of different woods that were laminated together. This hook was made from the wood pieces that my son Lance gave me for Christmas and was hand picked by him for its amazing grain. The hook is an I (5.5mm) and is a bit over 7 inches (17.8cm) long.

So there you have it. Enter the contest whether you bid or not. To new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'll not be here ALL the time... in fact I'll be gone from Thursday - Sunday (Jan. 7-10) so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as I'm able to get to them. Identical bids are entered by first to post so if your bid is the same as another, I'll go by which ever one was posted first. Also please increase bids by $5 minimum. I'll end the auction on Tuesday night 10pm, Jan 12.

email bids, if you've a mind, to me at


Whew!! So here we go!


Hook #1
Krista jumps in with $15
Virginia bids $25

Hook #2
Nancy's the first bidder with $20
Alice takes it to $25
Nicole goes $30
Nancy searched the couch cushions and came up with $35

Hook #3
JoAnn goes $20
Jennifer's saying $35
Nicole's here too with $40

Hook #4
Kelley's here with $25
Dawn drops a bid for $35
Kelley's back with $40
Jenn's here with $45

And THANK you for dropping by!!



laughing purple goldfish said...

hey jimbo...

putting my hand up for the 'name that hook' contest...

my first suggestion is NED KELLY... after the infamous Aussie Bushranger... a man whose character was as defiant as it sounds like your red gum was!!!

and being an Aussie myself, I'll add a second suggestion... BLUEY... which is an Aussie slang term used to describe someone with red hair

love your work Jimbo... your hooks are as smooooth as a baby's bottom!

AuntieElle said...

Beautiful, gorgeous hooks Jimbo. Having had the pleasure of using one of your hooks, I'd love to enter the competition.

My suggestion for the name of the hook is "That Bloody Red Gum", with bloody having a bit of a double meaning.

Bloody - as a mild Aussie curse word (as this wood was not cooperating with you). And Bloody - as it seems like this wood was trying to make you bleed when it was attacking you.

badrhinogillett said...

I'm not entering the contest - I just wanted to say that when the webpage came up on my screen I actually GASPED because those hooks are so beautiful! Amazing!

CrochetnQuilt said...

Great hooks! How about WowAussieHook?

Thanks for the giveaway.

Shana said...

Yay i get 2 entries because I am a follower!! I is my favorite hook size too. Maybe it is fate...lol. it is beautiful too!

missmaxx said...

Hey Jimbo,
Happy New Year! I'm a follower and I'm willing to move to Australia if that helps get me more chances to win this beauty. How about calling it "Crochet Dundee"?

aynia said...

hey jimbo,

absolutely beautiful hooks you are making!

As for the naming contest my suggestion would be 'Ruby Runa' -
Ruby standing for its colour red and Runa standing for mistery or enchantment in old german and that's what it is, a red mistery :)

And as I'm a follower my entry counts twice, right?
Maybe I'm the lucky one to hold this beauty in her hands some time.

Lot of love from Germany,

Simply Me said...

Jimbo What a great bunch of hooks! So here i go with a name for the nameless. Let's call it the Saussie Aussie, after all it was a charmer and a really personality to put up with.

V said...

I love following your blog! You do make some absolutely gorgeous hooks. I've bid, but unfortunately, never won one. Maybe this will be my lucky year! :)

In honor of the wood's origin and the dust storms of this last year, how about "Red Outback" for this beauty.

Thanks so much for persevering, and the giveaway!!

Simply Me said...

Jimbo I forgot to mention that I to am a follower as well. So that means I get two entries! This is such fun!

Kiri said...
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Kiri said...

Hi Jimbo,

I'm an Aussie too. My suggestions are 'waratah' which is a beautiful Australian flower or 'Iron heart' - something created through that much adversity must be very strong.

We've an enormous gum tree in the front yard that drops branches/sticks all over the place. Now when I pass by I wonder if they could become crochet hooks...

Penny said...

Stone the flamin' crows Jimbo it's got to be "The Thunder from Down Under". :o)

Penny said...

And my second suggestion - in honour of the deadly spider that is all the way through my garden - "Redback".


Maureen said...

It's quite obviously the "True Blue" hook, isn't it! - and I live in Australia, so that is my two entries' worth!
It would be good if the True Blue hook came back full circle....... :)

Pink said...

Happy New Year Jim, this is a 'voice' from the past...as usual your hooks are bloomin' fabulous. I am still happily using the masterpieces I had from you when you first started letting us lucky hookers use your beautiful tools.

Alia said...


The grain on that hook is lovely and straight, but the wood sure is ornery! I think I'd call it Gumshoe, for the name of the wood and the stubbornness and single mindedness of it reminds me of a private eye!

I'm a blog follower as well; I've bid before on some hooks but unfortunately can't afford to right now. That Zircote hook is stunning!

Simone said...

Hi Jimbo,

I am an aussie so I get 2 entries.

The first would have to be "Uluru" after the great red rock in the centre of Australia (and the wood for the hook is as stubborn as a rock!)

And my second would have to be "The crochet hunter" after Steve Irwin.

Lovely hooks

Beth said...

Hi Jimbo,

Following in good Jimbo family tradition (we also do tradition in Oz), I would like to name the hook: Diplohookticus Jimbosai 'Australis' eucalyptus camaldulensis, common name 'Red Ned' (not to copy from laughing purple, but as I live in the town where Ned Kelly had his armour made, had a cave in the gorge and was in prison etc it has to come in somewhere!).

My other suggestion is Crochet Matilda, as it fits so well to the tune of our adopted anthem Waltzing Matilda, and I'm sure the swagman would have crocheted if he'd had one of your hooks in his knapsack, Jimbo!

Just keep up the good work Jimbo, I'll gather a little collection one of these years!

Maureen said...

Hmmm - just occurred to me: if I am Australian, AND a blog follower, do I get FOUR entries??? - and maybe another two for being a Queenslander..... well, maybe not, better quit while I'm ahead, perhaps!

Molly said...

Jimbo I would love to enter., plus being a follower that means I get two entries, right? My name suggestion for your hook would be Cap'n Hook because it gave you enough trouble it must be a Captain. They are all beautiful and with my MS I think these might be easier to hold. Thanks a bunch.

crazyhookeraprilm2010 said...

ok this is my first time here and that should be Wizard's Journey b/c first off it came from the land of OZ and you had a long journey making it after all the ups and downs of working with the wood.

jackie-tn said...

You know I'd love your hook!

angelfire said...

name that hook, raging red , it will burn through wonderful yarn to produce a beauty of untold spledour

missmaxx said...

Congratulations laughing purple goldfish!

laughing purple goldfish said...

woo hoo!

very excited to hear that I have won the defiant redgum hook... and I LOVE the thought that Beth put into her name suggestion!!! very amusing!

sending address details your way... thanks so much jimbo!

jennifer said...

Those are AMAZING. I've never seen handmade crochete hooks before. My Grandmother would have loved them (she made so many pretty things).

Have a great day!