Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why am I so tardy?? Here's one reason.....

What you're looking at is a one foot deep trench that we dug, from the cabin up on the crick, down to the main road. Cinchy, right? Not for this old coot it wasn't. You see my son Lance in one picture, and in the other you see a deer if you click on the image and look carefully.
Why the trench? Well, we finally decided to get a telephone up there. Mixed emotions about that one. Its nice to be up there and not worry about phone calls. On the other hand it'll be nice to be up there and not worry about how to call out.
So that's part of my excuse for not posting lately. That and that I've been remodeling the front porch here in Spokane, and painting the house, and organizing a party for Karol's birthday. Lame excuses eh?
oooh poor me. Do I hear violins?
So the porch here is still underway, but I'm sneaking a little time for this entry and will make another one hopefully tomorrow morning when I'll put a few hooks up for bids (had a few that I made awhile back, before the big projects, that were just waiting to be finished. I'll check and see if they still want to be hooks, and post those that do.
In the meantime.... thanks again to everyone for your patience...
And thanks again to all who entered the Dippy contest! Did you know that Dippy (see Dippy hamming it up in the post below this one) or more formally, Diplohookticus Jimbosai, is VERY near being scheduled for a big BIG performance coming up this fall?? Stay tuned for reports... and pleas for help.

Now, putting one finger to the side of his nose.....
Off Jimbo goes

to the basement
to finish hooks

More later!


CapLady-Molly said...

Even though I didn't win, I still had fun. I hope you do something silly like this again. Take care and Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Molly

JoAnn said...

Oh dear Jimbo, your really moving into the NEW AGE with a tele up at the crick, why before I know it, I will be seeing you write about cable tv, at leaste you don't have to CARVE telephone poles, he? hehehe that would be soooooooo much work!! Oh I do wish Miss Karol has a terrific birthday party!!! You take care now, and don't work yourself to death!! I wish I could come out of my body and float on over to see your home on the crick Jimbo.......only in my dreams friend. Enjoy!!