Thursday, June 18, 2009

First signed hooks up for bids (bidding closed, THANKS!!)

Thanks to all who bid! High bidders please consider paying using the "make a donation" button, which will let you pay through paypal. If you prefer to pay another way thats fine, just email me and we'll figure something out.

And thanks again!!
more to follow, soon.

Bidding ends tonight at 10pm Pacific Standard Time! Funny. Seems like just a few days ago eh? Anyways I think in fairness to those in different time zones and such, that the last day of auctions should have minimum bid increases of $5.
Hope you understand.
I'll try to post this notice in future auctions too.

Now back to the porch!


There have been numbers of requests for signed hooks, and size labels. And I have resisted in the past because I didn't want to mess up pretty wood grain. That, and I couldn't find a good way to do the job. I figured that if I used like a felt tip pen, the ink would splotch in the wood grain. Well, that was pretty dumb. What I didn't count was that I make the hooks so smooth enough that it would take some pretty thin ink to splotch... so these hooks are signed with a "gel" ink pen. Sign, let the ink dry, put the poly oil finish over the top and wall-ah a signed Jimbo hook with the hook size right there on the end.

We'll see.

Anyways, to the more important thing... the hooks. I'm showing the hooks pretty much in the same order in all the photos except that the signature on the far right hook didn't make it into the first photo.

So lets start from the left and work our way across.

The left hook, contrary to boxing parlance, is a really beautiful bloodwood hook that, as you can see in the top photo, is an I on the Bates gauge, or 5.5mm to you metric folk. The hook, as you can see in the bottom photo, has an ample thumb rest. Its purt near 6 1/2 inches long...or about 155mm. Nice snug fit.

Next to the left hook is a right uppercut (heh). Ok, next to the bloodwood hook is a longer, birch beauty. Click on the photos and look at the hook tip. Its long and pointy; characteristics sought after by those who like to crochet with in "slip stitch". I've heard that slip stitch hooks are hard to come by, so I made a couple (the G hook here is also made with the slip stitch head). This slender beauty has just a wee bit of the bark left on to remind you this hook came directly from the tree. And as you already know, its an H and has a thumb rest along with the "universal" hourglass grip shape. Comfy! Its about 6 3/4 inches long (roughly 170mm). Oh, and what looks like a divot taken out of the hook shank in the bottom photo, is really just a jealous shadow cast by the bloodwood hook, trying to upstage the birch beauty.

Next to the right uppercut.. er lets start again.... next to the Birch beauty, is a wildly figured Ornamental Crab apple "I" with the universally comfy thumb rest/hourglass grip shape. Amazing figure in this wood, and surprisingly, the core which is darker than the rest of the wood seems to be actually harder than the surrounding wood. Usually that's just the opposite. Anomaly eh. This one is about 165mm long or just shy of 7 inches to you inchie folk.

Now comes a real treat. The little cherry wood G hook. I was going to label it G-imbo but thought hay I better try to be consistent if I'm to be signing these things.
Its a little hook, as you can see by comparing it to the others, but a real beauty. It too has the long pointy hook tip that enjoys being used for slip stitch crochet. You know, if I crocheted more I think the slip stitch would be my fave. But back to the hook, it has the hourglass/thumbrest for pencil or toothbrush grips, and its oh about 5 7/8 inches long, or 150mm for the metricky types.

Next comes the Elinore Rigby of Jimbo hooks. This hook was made from a branch that fell from its parent tree and laid alone for such a long time that it came close to...well lets just say that now its a survivor. And like some of us, it has a few scars and care worn blemishes to show for it's not-so-pretty lonely life.. Things haven't been easy for this little piece of wood. Mind you, these aren't blemishes that will affect it's functionality. Not at all; this hook will crochet right along with the best of 'em... maybe better because it tries harder. Its a hard working K (6.5mm) (that part didn't get in the top photo, but it IS signed and labeled), and it's 6 3/4 inches long (about 175mm).

So there you have it, after such a long hook making hiatus!

Lets run this auction till 10 pm PST Wednesday, June 24.

You can send bids by email to me at:

And once again THANKS for dropping by!



Bloodwood I:
Kathleen would love this hook...$25
Katie goes to $30

Slip stitch birch H:
Claire from Sunny England is the first in with $20
Deb takes it to $30
Claire goes $35
Deb says "bump me up" to...$45

Crab Apple I:
Janet goes $20
Deb again with $30

Slip stitch cherry G:
All the way from the Merry old land of OZ (Australia) comes Beth with her $20
Ah but Sherri wants this cutie too....$39.99
Jane goes to $40
Deb bumps it to $50

JoBug knows Elinore and bids $25


JoAnn said...

Sucha LOVELY ariety Jimbo and SIGNED who could ask for anything more??? A TRUE treasue to be won!!!
Hugs and Hooks
JoAnn AKA JoBug

CapLady-Molly said...

Jimbo, they are all beautiful. But I'm afraid they are a little out of my price range although I know they are worth every penny. I hope the auction goes great for you, they are all very nice. Molly