Monday, March 09, 2009

Warm Whittled Hooks...and two more BEAUTS AUCTION IS CLOSED! thanks to all who bid!

Thanks guys!! High bidders please consider using paypal, which you can access through the "make a donstion" button in the left margin of this blog page. Thank you all for your bids!! Another auction has just been entered above, and please feel free to enter my NATCROMO egg hook giveaway a couple posts down from here.

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and as an encore two more!!:

(edited to replace original fuzzy picture with one that is clickable for better detail)

Can't get away from my roots. This is how I started whittling hooks, from sticks. And now, after holding these, I see why folks liked them and why some still like them even better than turned hooks. They have a certain natural appeal with minimal wood/bark removed and the shape made to fit the hand. They are inspirational in their natural beauty, and encourage the same of their owners. All three are hardwood hooks, two from the dear old apple tree up on the crick and one from my back yard decorative fruit tree. Call these rustic hooks if you like, but I'll tell you here and now, they don't seem rustic when they crochet! And they're warm and cozy and as comfortable as an ol hound dog on his pillow by the fahr!

Details? Ok from right to left.
Leftie is a Genuine Deadman Crick Applewood L (8mm) with a thumb and opposed finger rest, and a wee bit of curvature in the handle that just molds itself to the heel of your hand (if you're a knife, toothbrush, underhand gripper) The handle looks rough, doesn't it. Well you'll be surprized that it really is smooth... REALLY smooth. Oh and its 7 inches long.

Middle hook is the ornamental fruitwood hook. The wood on the back and under side of this hook is exposed the full length, and its beautiful. You don't see it here, you see the bark that I left on for a texture variation and to leave the hook as close to natural as possible. This hook also bears all the knife marks. I didn't sand it down (except for the hook and shank of course). I see the knife marks as artists see their brush strokes... sort of as a signature of their work. I whittled a "trigger" on this hook, under the thumb rest, for even more comfort. Heck I even left the chainsaw marks on the end of this hunka hunka hook! Love it!!
This hook is an H (snug in the H hole of my Bates gauge) and is 8" long.

The right hook is the smallest of the three. Its a 7 (4 1/2mm) and is also made from the generous old Deadman Crick Apple tree (wisht I'd counted the number of hooks that old tree has donated, but it must be in the hundreds by now). It has a comfy thumb rest and an overall curvature that seems to be made to snuggle in your hand hand. Of the three, it has the smoothest handle... one that would rival even my HARD hardwood turned hooks. Oh and its 6 3/4 inches long.

The ENCORE hooks!
The bottom hook is made of, well the label says it's Madagascar Rosewood. My mother in law bought the wood for me to make my sister in law a hook for her birthday... and at $35 for a 1 3/4" x 15" piece, I believe them. I keep saying hook after hook.. the beauties just get more beautiful. That's the csse with this one. Go figure eh? Well I'll promise you that if you like the picture you'll LOVE the actual hook. Its an H and it's 6 1/2 inches long. And its JUST DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL!!

So is the Top hook but in a different way. This is a Tulip wood hook. Pink and blond. Its a G and a little taller, tipping the tape at 7".

So now you have two more to bid on!!

So there you have it...

Lets run this auction till 10AM March 17th.

And you can email me your bids at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Oh and don't forget the give-aways in the post below this one... in celebration of National Crochet Month. I'll be giving something away each week.

And thanks for stopping by!!



Left L hook:
Already!! AnaMaria opens it all with $20
Marillyn goes $30
Alice goes to $35 with 10 minutes to go!!

Middle H hook:
Dawn's going $20
Becky goes to $30

Right 7 hook:
Becky says $15
Mizz Kitty's here with $25
Nicole is back for more! $30

Encore hooks:

Rosewood H:
Lyn goes $25
Debora's in for $35
Lyn bounces back with $40
Tracey goes to $45
Candice jumps in with $50
AB in the last seconds $56

Tulipwood G:
Lyn goes $25 (is there an echo in here?)
Nicole's back for another... $30
Lyn says G I'll bid $35
Nicole this time with $40
Lyn goes to $45
Tracie here at $50
AB in the last nanoseconds $56


Anonymous said...

This auction is also running on

Please send me info as you continue to receive bids...

Camel a.k.a. Amiga

JoAnn said...

Jim, I am so happy to see your "Heritage Hooks" back! I absolutly adore these! Unfortunatly, bieng on my sick bed yet, I wont be bidding, but thats a god thing, to let ohers have your wonderful works!! Great work Jimbo!! And GOOD LUCK to the bidders

Maven said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity, Jimbo!

You know I'm a fan!

Good luck to the bidders!

Alice said...

Hey Jimbo-- CONGRATS on the Flamie!!! No one deserves it more!