Monday, February 02, 2009

The weekend up at the ranch on Deadman Crick

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We had a fantastic weekend up on the crick with our very good friends the Austins, Dick and Debbie. And as you can see the snow is still there. In fact the weather was a mite cool (about 16 degrees when this shot was taken) and the snow was sparkling and the sky was blue and oh it was just downright purty.
You can see the cabin in the background, and the old Apple tree in the foreground. Its amazing to think of all the places that wood from that tree has traveled.

Here is one of the many boulders on the ranch. And if you look close you can see rabbit tracks leading to and from that clear spot on the boulder face. I'm guessing that the bunny went there to maybe warm itself a little from the heat stored in the stone during the bright day. But we don't get many animals around nowdays because of the snow depth and the cold and warmer places down the hill. We haven't spotted a deer on the ranch for weeks. Too bad. I put feed out for them but the only takers are ravens and maybe a rabbit or two.

Oh well, they'll be back.

But for now, its pretty easy to hear the crick down in the meadow, although I did hear coyotes in the night... and the stars!!! Holey cow. Wisht you could have been there!

More later..

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