Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I made it. Will they come?

Son of Diplohookticus Jimbosai. Second biggest hook I've ever made.
See, I've had this really cool piece of very tight grain fir in my shop forever. Must have been a closet rod at some time in the past. But lately I've been eyeing it for crochet hook potential. So a couple days ago I decided to start working on it and see what came of it. And Wall Ah!
So for specs? Its 33mm (1.3 inches) in diameter, and just a little under a foot long (30cm).
Now the question.... who would use such a hook and what could it make? It is fully functional. Might be useful with multiple plys of yarn, or maybe even unspun roving! It'd be fun to see what some clever crochet artist could make with it.
Maybe I'll loan it out... sort of like a library book only we'd call it a library hook?
Tell me what you think.

Oh.. and thanks for dropping by


angelfire said...

Now that is an awesome looking hook, very imposing , massive looking hook. Would it fit in my hand and ould I hold enough yarn in the other to make it work. That sounds like a challenge.

Crochet-n-Quilt said...

I bet this would be great for working with plarn.

Erin said...

Now... THAT is cool. I like the Library Hook idea!!

PeWee said...

It would make a beautiful rug out of strips of fabric! I did it with a huge plastic hook, wish I'd had this one instead!

Kari said...

Awesome hook Jimbo! You've outdone yourself!!!
Sometimes I crochet with leather strips or soft rope. It would be prefect for that.
The possibilities could be endless.

Catherine Cornelia said...

I have a plastic hook that I have used occasionally. The feel of plastic is a bit of a turn off. This hook looks so pretty and would be amazing to make a rug or a big, bulky wool shawl for those cold winter days. It may even make some lovely, lacy designs. Endless possibilities. I too like the Library Hook idea. I will be watching to see what you decide.

Jimbo said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm thinking more and more seriously about setting up a hook library.. for hooks like this one which might not be one a person would "need" but would be nice for a special project... and maybe new style hooks that folks might like to try out...
Any ideas on logistics? I'm thinking I'd only ask for postage
($2.00) in the US ... and lend the hook(s) out for two weeks at a time.
Spread the word, if you would... I'd like to get lots of feedback on the idea.