Sunday, February 08, 2009

Library Hook #1

I'm experimenting here, with an idea that's been rolling around in my mostly empty head for awhile now. To start a crochet hook library that folks can belong to and check out hooks for free (well, except for postage) for a fixed time.
The hook you see above (its the same one as a couple posts below) is the first hook that I thought I'd put in the library. Its HUGE and might not be something you could justify buying, but might like to try out for a special project. Its 1 1/4 inches in diameter (3.3cm) and close to a foot long. Made from Fir, so it might be too fragile for really nasty metallic or abrasive fibers.
If this works.. I'll add other interesting hooks to the library in the they pop into my head. Probably they'll be odd sizes or experimental shapes that I'll make and lend out either for testing or for special projects you have in mind.

How do you become a member of the International Jimbo Hook Library (hooo that sounds IMPRESSIVE!), and how do you check out the hook? Not sure how to go about it.
What if to join the library, you "become a follower" of this blog, and agree to be responsible for postage from my house to yours and back, and for $25 if the hook becomes damaged or lost while under your control. That's less than the value of the hook, but hay this is a library, eh... not meant to make $$.
We'll set check-out time at two weeks from my sending mailing date to your returning mail date. I'll pay the postage to begin with, you pay the amount you see on the box when you return the hook... just enclose cash in the box.
Does that sound ok?
And to check out the hook, you simply be the first to post a remark, indicating your wish to check out a particular hook (only hooks that will be pictured in this post).

Remember this is an experiment. Subject to change. If you have suggestions, I'm eager to have them.

Lets see if this flies.



crochetluvknot said...

thats an interesting idea Jimbo I hope it works for ya

maratea36 said...

This sounds like an excellent and cost-efficient idea for all involved! I'd love to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea! How often would one need such a special hook. Must plan the perfect project first though but sign me up for a library card! **grin**


Always visit your blog
admire your work

........... said...

Hello Mr Jimbo Sir,

My name is Lizi, and I run a charity called "Rugs 4 A Reason". We make and donate rugs to charities for them to either raffle off, or use in their services.

WE, that is, the ladies (or "ruggers" as we call them) were wondering if you might like to make a hook or two for us to raffle off to help raise funds. As a charity helping other charities we dont recieve any funds. Any money raised from an auction or raffle of your hooks would be used to aquire items to help finish the rugs and transpost them to where they are intended
(Although I am based in Australia, we are starting to make rugs for charities overseas, hence why we will need some help with the postage/cartage costs)

Please, Master Jimbo, can you help us?

If/when you want to talk to me I am Lizi85 on Rav, or just msg me on my blog "The Aussie Hooker"

Thank you,


Maven said...


How or why have I delayed in checking this out?

Tell me what I need to do to pry that hook from your hands!

angelfire said...

always visit your blog, love the library idea

Catherine Cornelia said...

I want to join the Library and would love to check out this hook. I think your idea of paying for postage with the commitment to pay $25 if the hook is damaged is superb and I am willing to make the commitment.

As I understand it, all I need to do to get a Library Card is follow your blog - I'm off to set that up.