Friday, February 13, 2009


And you saw it HERE!! Never before has there been a combined Crochet Hook / Wine stopper. To my knowledge its the first in the known universe! A true collectible, soon to be worth tens of dollars at the Antique Road Show, eh?

So everyone knows wine and crochet go together like biscuits and gravy, like hot dogs and ketchup...the Pooh and Honey! Well, now you have an excuse. If you want to crochet, you have to remove the hook from the wine bottle. While the bottle is open, well you might as well have a little glass while you're crocheting, and when you're finished crocheting, you can re-seal the wine bottle with the genuine silicone stopper on this first ever "Hookstopper" brand bottle stopper/crochet hook, and you don't need to remember where the hook is! How convenient is that???

And what an incredible conversation piece!! Say you're having some wine snob friends over. Not to worry! You find your cheapest bottle, uncork it, and replace the cork with your genuine Jimbo "Hookstopper" tm crochet hook/wine stopper, set it on the table and who will ever notice that you're serving cheap wine?! Plus the conversation will turn to crochet and what better topic?

Can you hear it now?
them: "My that's an interesting bottle stopper you have there!"
you: "Ah but wait, there's more!!"
you: "This, my wine snob friends, is the very first Jimbo "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper ever made!"
them (swooning): "OOOOOOOHHH Would you like to sell it?"
You: "Are you KIDDING!? That's the ORIGINAL "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper!
You: "And you know what else? I used it to make that wine bottle cozy."
them: "Yes, I noticed. But it's covering the label on the bottle."
You: "Yup..first ever "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper in the known universe. Have some wine?"
them: "Yes please, and do you mind if I crochet?"
you: "Sorry... but you can get your own "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper by contacting Jimbo on his blog.
them: "Do you mean THE Jimbo!? That ruggedly handsome hook maker?"....


I tell you, friends, this little hook/stopper has just endless possibilities.

And it can be YOURS!!!

Now because I'm anticipating bids pouring in...and to keep blogger from too much stress, I'll make this a short auction and close it this coming Tuesday night Feb. 24th at 10 pm Pacific Std. Time.

And you can email your bids to me at:

Oh, about the #1 "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper:
for carbon dating purposes to prove authenticity..its made of birdseye maple, salvaged from an old cutting board that I made for Karol way back in the late 60's. It's 6 and 3/16 inches long and to make it even more difficult for those shady art forgers, it is 9.60 mm at the shallow end of the gullet. So it's not an N but not quite an M either... Unique!

An investment sure to appreciate in such troubled times? Good as gold?? I'd say that's an absolute Maybe!

Think of it! Where were you when man first made a footprint on the moon? When Obama was elected President? When Ron Popiel introduced the "Pocket Fisherman"? And now you can say.... you were there, when the very first "Hookstopper" bramd combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper was introduced to the world!



Amanda gets the distinction of being the first bidder/investor for the first ever "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper.... $10

Beth S. immediately ups it to $20

Amanda's smitten.. $50!
Kari... HOLEY COW!! $75


Maureen said...

Jimbo, you could sell coal to Newcastle.......

JoAnn said...

That is an ASWOME Idea Jombo!! To bad we don't drink, crappolla...