Friday, November 07, 2008

Beauty in Small Packages ... AND ... Darrell's new parent!!

With all the turmoil around us, anywhere we are; there's beauty to see. This little leaf was in the driveway, just after a rain. Amazing.
Not so sure how to do a clever segway into my proud announcement of Darrell's new parent, cept to say that there's beauty in little things, and the socks that this person makes to help warm the feet of soldiers, and little gifts for kids who face terror daily... well there's very real beauty in those small acts of kindness.
So our new Darrell parent is Sharon in Oregon, who uses her talent to make socks for the troops. Darrell''s looking forward to helping with the cause.

check out: (sorry I STILL don't seem to get how to add a link)

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Anonymous said...

Nature does give such beauty every day. And I am glad that Darrell found a great home.

t said...

Congrats Sharon. Darrell has a great new home and a perfect new job. I know you will love him.


Anonymous said...
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