Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Its been way too long since I've had a contest. Its also been a spell since I've had this strange urge to turn something different on my lathe. Not only that, its been way too long since I've done something totally off the wall. So to put all that together..... here's the first and most likely final CONTEST TO ADOPT DARRELL THE DARNING EGG!!

FIRST, we have a picture of Darrell totally nude. That's right folks. Daring Darrell plunged right in with full backside nudity! The guy's got no hesitation to show off his padauk pedigree, and i have to hand it to him (pun?) he is right handsome.

NEXT we see Darrell sporting a genuine JIMBO crocheted stocking cap. Joker Darrell just HAD to pull the cap over his eyes. I completely surprized myself by crocheting this cap. Shoulda writ down the pattern, eh? So the little cap protects Darrell's bald head. Other uses??? In honesty, the cap is remarkable evidence of just how bad I crochet, but hay my heart's in the right place... i think.

And at last, Darrell's head shot. Darrell peeks out with a big smile.... or is that just the grain?

So, here we go. I'm putting Darrell up for adoption. You can become Darrell's Momma or Poppa simply by posting a comment below, or by emailing me at


I'll announce the date for a drawing and end of the contest soon after I post the next auction (coming soon)

Good luck!!


angelfire said...

Darrell is wicked cute and his cozy is adorable

Cherri said...

LOL Jimbo!! It does look like he's smiling! ROTFL!!!! Actually, it's beautiful and the little cap is great! Who says you can't crochet. You're just using that as an excuse not to make squares. LOLLL!!!

Hugs, Cherri :)

Sherri said...

Oh come on Darrell over to my house I could sure use you:) I love it thatnks for the laugh Jimbo!

Brandy said...

Wow! Great work! and an A+ for creativity. Whoever, thought about crocheting a cap for a Darning Egg? You look stunning Darrell!

Tinks said...

He's definitely smiling :) And I think he'd love to come and live in good old England and let me start practising being a momma ;) I need all the practise I can get between now and May! :D
More pics of the Crick - I love watching it change in fall :)

DixieRedHead said...

Jim, you ole coot! Now your crocheting?! Next thing you know you'll have your own tv show. Just remember I knew you when. Say, are the huckleberries gone? I thought about them the other day. Oh, and enter me in the contest, I'd love to adopt that little beauty.

Fuji Mama said...

Oh Darrell, I could give you such a good home! You would be showered with love and wouldn't have any competition from another darning egg as my previous darning egg was somehow lost in a move this summer from Japan to the US.

Maven said...

Darn! That's one clever looking egg!

Patty said...

He is a cutie!

annie said...

LOL! Darrell is the cutest darning egg I've ever seen! And I love his cap! Now, why aren't you crocheting squares? Hmmmm???? LOL!

OwnedByCookie said...

Darrell looks very cute! I love the cap!

Diane said...

Well Maven said it! So now I can't!!!!LOL
Darrell is one very cute Darning egg. I have never had one of my own. I am sure though that my 103 year old grandmother had quite a few. If I had a wonderful darn egg like Darrell I wonder if she would teach me how to darn!!! My hubbie has some socks that could sure use some help.
Love he cap you made for him. Very well done!!!

Rayleen said...

Cute! Haha! I love his cap :-}

V said...

Jimbo, Darrell is quite a fiesty egg! I love your sense of humor, as well as your mad turning skills!! Keep up the good work!

Erin said...

Oh Mr. Jimbo, you're so funny :-) I would dearly LOVE to become Darrell's Momma.

(Also - his little stocking cap looks great! It's better than any attempt I've ever made at crocheting a hat! Excellent job!)

t said...

Darrell is just darling. I love his grin. Sort of reminds me of you. LOL
Tammy aka wiz3283

Jimbo said...

Hello Jimbo! Quite obviously poor Darrell needs to thaw out here in sunny Queensland. He is so cold over there, with his woolly hat!
If he comes to live here, he will find his great-aunt Matilda waiting for him with open arms. My grandmother had a darning egg, shaped more like a toadstool - I can still picture her darning socks, which she did beautifully. A skill she passed on to me.

What a lovely contest!! - and does this count as my entry? (absolutely, Maureen....Jimbo)

Maureen in Brisbane

sissie said...

Darrell is so cute!! love his little cozy to keep his head warm:))
he would be so at home right here next to all my other little goodies :))

Hugs, sissie

trisnjer said...

Too cute! I love the cap!


theluckielizard said...

I don't know the first thing about darning...just thought I would say he is absoultly adorable! Hope he goes to a good home that would love him, nuture him, and give him plenty of exercise!

Paula said...

Dear Darrell,

I have heard so much about your daddy's crochet hooks but I didn't know where to find him. I guess the two of you have been hiding in "them thar hills by the crick!" (we say 'crick' in Indiana too.)

Now that I have found the two of you (I do believe you, Darrell, are the cuter of the two)I don't plan on losing this site.

Paula (who now lives in Western New York where they pronounce Creek as creke... have they no pronunciation skills?)

dempewolff said...

I have been to every store in and around my town. They either have never heard of a darning egg (even sewing and knitting stores) or point me to yard sales! My Mom had one - wish I had saved it. I have nice wool socks that I want to keep a long, long time. I love Darrell. He is the best.