Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three straight from the Ranch BIDDING IS CLOSED

thanks to all bidders.... new auction coming shortly AND a contest!!

[PLEASE take the time to click on the images to see the detail on these hooks]

The three hooks you see above all originated from wood up on the crick. They hark from dead Bush maple and Hazelnut branches that aren't more than a stone's throw from the porch where I took the "moon over the mountain" picture last week-end. And the wood is just phenomenal for its contrasting grain character.

Lets take a closer look, starting with the hook on the left

The Left hook has been died with a red aniline die, and parts were sanded down for the real wood color to show through. So there's a very interesting color gradation as you can see. This hook was taken to Portland for show and tell, and raised some very nice compliments (although I'm normally adverse to adding color to wood). Also, to make this hook even more unique, I put the "thumb rest" on the back side of the hook (opposite the throat), for a bit more appeal to those who use the "pencil" or overhand grip. This really unique hook is a smidge over 7 inches long and fits the I hole of my Bates gauge.

The Middle hook is a real natural beauty, made from a chunk of Hazelnut Bush. I hope the picture shows the fabulous marbled grain on this hook because it is REALLY special. I left a bit of the bark on the hook, around the rim of the flared handle end, and THAT too makes a fascinating visual effect. And then, if you look at the dark area close by the thumbrest, you'll see another area where the bark was left. There was a natural depression in the bark at that area, that I just had to leave. Its just plain beautiful what Mom Nature can do at times and this is a shining example. If you're impressed with the photo, wait till you see it up close in person! Oh and its also a wee bit over 7 inches long and is a K sizewise.

On the right is a fascinating piece of Bush Maple with some richly figured dark core wood that will blow you away (well it did ME anyway). Turn this hook around and you'll see knockout grain everywhere you look, and not the same pattern twice. I just like to look at it, but you might want to use it to crochet heirloom quality things while inspired by this hook's beauty, so here's the measurements. This beauty is smack on 7 inches long and is an L (for Lovely) on the Bates gauge.

Ok there we have it. Lets run this auction till this Sunday night 10pm Pacific Standard time.

Bids can be emailed to me at

I'll try to post bids as they come in and hope to remember this time when the auction ends... (Sunday the 19th, right?)

And thanks once again for dropping by!



Left Hook (sounds like boxing eh?):
Melissa says $25

Middle Hook:
Shannon's back with $20
Rhonda takes it to $25

Right Hook (boxing again!):
Shannon's here too with $20
AnaMaria's in at 9:43pm with $26


Joyce said...

Oh, Jimbo, you do not disappoint. I was wondering if there was another auction up yet and not only do you, but the hooks are as gorgeous as the last.

~Alesha~ said...

They are beautiful as always. You do amazing work, Jimbo.

Melissa said...

Got my hook yesterday. Thanks Jimbo! It's just as good as the other one I have.