Monday, September 15, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS...........

The winner of the Marblewood hook is a professor of Crochet. Here is a copy of her comment....

I am a professor of crochet, I love my profession, I have many students and give lessons throughout the week of crochet.Adorei the needle and hopefully win it, I am already in my blog.Parabéns disseminating the initiative,
A big hug,
Sandra Coatti
BRAZIL" (I believe this is a Babel Fish translation from Portuguese)

Please visit Sandra's blog at and congratulate her!

And thank you EVERYONE (we had 186 entries from the blog and email entries) who participated in the contest. And I especially thank those who have worked to make Sept. 12 a day for International recognition of Crochet! PLEASE mark your calendars for Sept. 12 next year.


Turtle said...

Congrats Sandra! What a wonderful gift!

JANE (Crochet-by-Jane) said...

Oh, I didn't win... snif snif... I'm kidding! It was an amazing comemoration. Congratulations to everybody that made comments, to Jimbos Blog (for the idea) and mainly to Sandra Coatti.
Crochet-by-Jane - Brasil

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, Jimbo!
I am happy.
Sandra is my friend.
Have a nice week.
Sônia Maria

Graciela said...

hola..felicitaciones a quien se ha ganada su aguja!
ahora puedo preguntar cuanto me saldria una aguja para mi,si quisiera una? no tengo mucho $$ pero solo por preguntarle recien soy una principante en el crochet pero me gusta muchisimo y admirto todo lo que veo son muchas cosas las que he visto desde que puse internet°°

luswitch-crochet said...

Congratulations to Sandra Coatti...
she's really a bigger crocheter in here, I always go to her blog to see the news and always has anew for us.
And it's marvelous to have a space like Jimbos Blog to all people who loves crochet.
Thank you.

Katie Lee said...

That's great! You can see an article about our Shiny crochet day (where I taught 6 Shiny Media employees to crochet) here:

There are more pics on Flickr as well:
and our Shiny Media moblog:

Katie Lee said...

I meant to say, we had *so* much fun doing this - so thanks for inspiring us! We also enjoyed the pizza I bought to get everyone in the mood for crafting!