Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ALASKAN ALL OVER. auction over

Thanks to Claire from Kent England! And thanks too to everyone who bid or stopped by to visit. More coming, I promise!

Here'a a freeform hook made of All Alaska materials.

While on our cruise, we visited Haines, a beautiful little town along the Alaska coast. While we were in port, we took a little "Offbeat Haines" tour which included a visit with one of Haine's INCREDIBLE artists, John Svenson. John has a timberframe studio he built himself a few miles up in the hills from Haines, where he and his wife do AMAZING art work. You can see their studio and art at

If you're ever in Haines...

Anyways, John and I got to talking and I casually mentioned crochet hooks and an interest in acquiring some hand made glass for hook decoration. He had JUST the thing! And you see it here, mounted in a little turned cup on the hook that's up for bids.

John also gave me a little chunk of genuine Haines Alaska Bush Maple taken from the site of his studio, and the hook you see was made from that piece. I'd suspected that Alaska grown wood would be very tight grained since the winters are so hard, and you see the proof here. You can hardly make out the growth rings!

I'm also making a hook of the same material with another of John's incredible glass beads to send him in case he decides someday to take up exchange for his generosity and hospitality.

If you check his website you'll see that John's a truly gifted artist, and I'm here to tell you he's also a very nice person. And his studio? Holey Cow!! Go check out the website... you'll see what I mean. And he gets to LIVE there!!

Ok on to biddness.

Like I said, this is meant to be a freeform hook. Freeform? Its not made to a particular size (although its very close to an I if you must know). I deliberately made it inbetween sizes so you'll be more inclined to use it for freeform work. Besides, look at it's artist heritage. Oh and it's 7 1/4 inches long including the beautiful little glass bead.

I'll take bids on this beauty till 10pm this coming Monday (Sept 1..Labor Day!), and you can email bids to me at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

And thanks for stopping by!



All the way from England, Claire bids $40
Keesha from sunny Arizona goes $45
Anita from Alaska bids $50
Claire is back from across the sea with $60


Monet said...

Very nice!! :)

Kari said...

Jimbo, I lovelovelove that hook, it's as gorgeous as I figured it would be.
I so wish I had the money to bid, but I am afraid I'll have to sit this one out.
Your link to John's site didn't work for me, had too many http//'s in it. Here's the link

angelfire said...

Jimbo, that is a drop dead gorgeous hook. I love the looks and wish that I could bid on such a beautiful jewel. it will be a great artistic addition to some lucky bidders possessions, I can dream of holding it in my hand, but alas I wake up and know that I am blessed to won so many of your hooks that I can not be selfish and bid for myself.

Jimbo said...

Thanks guys... Isn't John's studio inspiring!? I wanted to stay longer but alas... the bus had to move on.
And thanks Kari for noting the link messup I think its fixed now.

Joyce said...

Jimbo, that hook is gorgeous. I'm going to drool over it here for a bit and then go check out John's site. I too have to sit out this auction (and the last one) for financial reasons and because I have enough jimbo hooks for now, time to share the wealth and your talents

Andy's Crafts said...

You are getting too fancy Jimbo. lol! Love the Hook!

Sônia Maria said...

Hello, Jimbo!
Your hook is gorgeous.
I am the post today, in my blog, picture of its International Day of Crochet.
Next week begin campaign to recall the date you set.
We, the lovers of crochet, we thank you for that.
Hugs for you and your wife.
Sonia Maria

Sônia Maria said...

Hello, Jimbo!
I am very happy with your visit to my blog.
When your competition is on the blog let me know.
We look forward to disclose it in my blog.
I am grateful to you for having established the International Day Crochet
I get an average of 1,300 visits a day in my blog. They are visitors from several countries.
I am wait your mail.
Hugs to you and your wife.
Sonia Maria

Fernanda said...

Is beutiful!!!