Saturday, February 16, 2008


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Thanks everyone for bidding! And thanks too for all the kind comments. My porch and I appreciate you!

Here's another Tulip Wood hook for bids! Tulip wood is fun to work with cause it smells so good, like a flar (that's Crick talk for "flower"). The grain is just phenominal with reds and pinks against blond. VERY pretty wood! As to size, its an H and a smidge over 7 inches long. I've not carved a thumb rest in the hook but will do that at the high bidder's whim... overhanders might like a thumb rest, underhanders might not. Either way the enlarged part downsream from the hook shank is well oversized for grip comfort.
Oh and while you're here, please scroll down and take a look at the "Axe Ataxial" badge (Please copy it to your blog to spread the word about Friedreich's Ataxia), and the "chophooks". I'm continuing to sell chophooks to raise funds for FA research. You can see how to get your chophooks in the Dec. 6 post below. Its a great cause and the hooks are getting some pretty good reviews. Win win!!

ok... so lets run this auction till this coming Wednesday night, 10pm Pacific Std time... and you can send your bids by email to me at:
email at:

I'll try to post them as they come in.

And thanks to everyone who entered the last contest!

There'll be more coming!

Miss Erin bids $10

Ah but JoAnn's here too with $15

And Bonnie bids $20

But Megan immediately bumps to $30

JoAnn's back with $30

And a mystery bidder goes to $40

Megan: 50 smackers! (oh yeah, we know all the "mod" slang up on the crick)

Jeanne bumps the bid to $57!!

Oh MAN! Our Mystery Bidder is back with (drum roll)..... $70

HOLEY COW!! Jeanne's determined! $79!!!


It's Me...Maven said...

What a beauty!!

JoAnn said...

Jimminy Crickets Jim, I gots to be back to work longer than this to get a hook like that!! Go bidderes Go!!! I MUST bow out....

Jenny said...

WoW! The wood is naturally that colour?! Inspiring and exquisite work as usual Jimbo :)

angelfire said...

I can't believe how beautiful this hook is, but it is more than my monthly crochet allowance...and well worth every penny

Megan said...

I REALLY thought about bidding again but it seems that "mystery bidder" really wants it.

Jimbo, you'll have to try and get your hands on more of this wood! It's obviously very popular!

Amanda said...

That hook is GORGEOUS! Mystery bidder pushed this outta my price range, though. One day I'll own a Jimbo!

angelfire said...

Jimbo, I had to stop back and tell you that hook is worth every dime you get for this beauty, congrats on a wonderful addition to someone's crochet treasures

*El Rincon de Sandy* said...

I am a colombian living in UK.
I am new to crocheting, but I want to learn.
Crochet is not very popular here in the UK... everybody does knitting.
I love the hooks in this website.
How can I buy one?
I love the square with the daisy, ~How can I possibly get the patter? please.

thanks very much


Yarnjeannie said...

Jimbo, I received the tulip hook today. You certainly are a master woodcarver! It is the most beautiful hook I've ever seen and I feel privileged to own it. It is truly a treasure. Thank you!