Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the winner is...... JEN! (aka Othlon)

Our winner is from OZ, and is a 16 year old member of Ravelry. Jen's a very talented and determined new hook carver as well as a crocheter. She started whittling hooks when she realized that she didn't have her hook along on a she whittled one. Not bad eh?

Well what's even more special is that she's doing this stuff with some pretty major health issues (she doesn't make a deal of it and so i won't go further here, but know that I really admire her spirit).

So the Valentine hook will be winging its way to Australia!!!

To those who didn't win? Keep dropping by...there'll be more coming.

And thanks to all 26 entries!!


ITS VALENTINE'S DAY!! Time to tell everyone you care about that you care about them... and here I am telling YOU. I've been really and honestly blessed with such great friends and I want to do something special for everyone.... but I couldn't think of anything that would work for EVERYBODY, so I decided just to have a little hook give away.

The hook is a mini Tunisian... its just shy of a foot long and an J sizewise with a genuine Jimbo carved heart made from genuine ornamental crabapple wood. If you don't do Tunisian crochet, here's a chance for you to learn with a FREE hook!!

So how do we go about giving this Valentine hook away?

Ah shoot, just send me an email at:

telling me you'd like to have the Jimbo Valentine hook and i'll do a drawing oh say by Tomorrow night (Feb 15th) at 10pm pacific std time.

Oh and just cause you live outside the US, don't let that stop you!! I'll mail the hook anywhere the mail goes, so don't be shy! Valentine's Day is World Wide, isn't it?

Oh and the picture is taken against the afgan that the traveling hook gang made me... sooo nice and warm and special. See why I like you so much!?

Hope you're day is full of hearts!!

oh and PLEASE PLEASE feel free to grab the Axe Ataxia button and paste it EVERYWHERE... and consider the chopstick offer (below) in support of FA research..


Jejune said...

Oh wow, how special, I know she'll be over the moon - thank you so much!

(Jejune aka Jen's mum)

Jenny said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this and your kind words :) Thank you again *hugs*