Friday, October 19, 2007


So tell me... is this contest too tough?? I have the fewest entries of all my contests and so far nobody has guessed the right hook. Ok ok... let me tell you... there are two clues in the blog entries... Actually three but one only tells you about a hook that's NOT the chosen one. Of the remaining two clues.. One tells you the date of the blog entry where the chosen hook is... and the other clue tells you which hook (this one is harder because it looks like a type-o and I make plenty of those so it'll be a bit harder to find. But its all there.

So to be fair.. what we'll do is start over. I'll tell you the hooks that have been guessed and that are NOT the chosen hook... just so everyone is starting out even.
Ok here are some of the hooks that are NOT the chosen hook:

Hook H..March 6
Apricot hook.. March 13
good smellin hook.. March 14
Hooks 2 and 4 April 19
Regal Hook, April 24
Hook D4, May 13/14

Now THAT makes the odds a little better, eh?

And I promise... the next contest won't be so hard.

Well maybe.

Ok.. back to the original contest rules..

I like the idea of a short story for the contest winning hook, but when I thought about how to pick a winner, I shied away. I know what it's like to get stories rejected. Heartbreaking, even for a little crochet hook. So here's what I decided to do.

Well, it IS hunting season up here you know. So lets go hunting!

What you do is put on your red flannel hunting cap with the ear flaps, and head out back into Jimbos Front Porch blog archives. Find and read the entry on "Patina" then look at the 10 blog entries before and after the Patina entry. There are numbers of hooks in those posts. Pick one and identify it to me by writing the post date and hook number or letter you selected in that post, in an email to

That's not too difficult, eh? Heck there might even be a hint somewhere in there.

I suppose there's a chance of a tie...even a multiple tie. In that case I'll draw pine needles (kind of like drawing straws only more crick-like) to select the winner.

And we'll run the contest oh till lets say Election Day... Nov. 6th, 10pm Pacific Std time.

So you'll have plenty of time to analyze the hooks and notes in those blog entries, and hook up with me by DCP (Deadman Crick Perception) to figure out the hook I have already selected.

And what does the winner get? A hook of your choice! Hand carved? Turned? Thumbrest or Universal grip? Wood species (Crick Wood or other within reason.. heck you can even send me some wood that's special to you if it can be made into a hook), and you pick the size now here's the fine print please only one entry per person. Winner please select nothing smaller than H or bigger than S), and if its a Tunisian hook we'll have to talk (there's some sizes I can't do. ok so it isn't fine print... couldn't find a font size button.

After the winner is announced, I'll post a picture of the hook the winner selected. Sound like fun? I hope so.

If you've any questions, please email me at the above Yahoo address. You can also add comments to this post but please enter the contest by way of the yahoo email address.

And be careful out there.. lots of old loose barbed wire laying around and the crick's deep in spots. Its getting colder up on the ranch so dress warm and take dry matches. Could be snow. You might want to take along a sack lunch.

Now tie down those ear flaps and get to hunting! But be vewwy vewwy quiet... we awe hunting cwoshey hooks.

and Thanks again for stopping by!!

oh... what, you ask, if there's no winner! That's easy. I'll just extend the contest and give hints till somebody wins.


angelfire said...

hook contest YEA!!!!
No suggestions but i do love the new picture. It seems that WA is a beautiful state.

fleegle said...

Dear Jimbo--
Thank you so much for your compliments on my blog. I can't imagine that there's much there to interest you, but I do hope you can find something to enjoy. I don't know what you've read, but there are some fairy tale posts that everyone, knitters and non-knitters alike, have enjoyed. If you want me to send you those links, let me know.

Your crochet hooks are both lovely and unusual--I am almost sorry that I don't crochet :)

Tami said...

What about a short story contest?