Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Back!

(go ahead, click the image, I think you'll like what you see)

Just got back from the Crick. I spent last night there all alone. What a place for solitude! Not that there weren't folks around. I watched trucks go by on the way to National Forest land for woodcutting. Many people in my neighborhood use wood heat. So I tried to stand out on the porch and wave as they went by. Woodcutters are a friendly sort. Maybe its the adventure, and comfort of knowing they'll have a warm house this winter that makes them cheerful. I certainly have fond memories of wood gatherting time. Such good honest hard work.
Ah but it rained the whole time i was up there. And that's just ok too. I spent the day outside anyway. In fact i like to be out in the rain if i can stay reasonably dry. So i put on my Costco raincoat and went out to do a little clean up around the cabin and hike around a bit. The picture you see is one I took today of a tamarack on the ranch that was growing close by our cabin when we lived there way back in the late 40's and early 50's, like the old apple tree. Now the old ranch house is gone but the trees are still there. The stories they could tell!
And its leaves(needles) are just now turning the mose brilliant yellow! Absolutely beautiful, even in such a gray rainy day.
I also had time for some reading, between a hot cup of coffee, watching the deer, and sleeping (getting over the marathon hook making night). Now I read lots of different books, but up at the crick i try to keep a stock of older western books on hand. So I'm currently reading Zane Grey. Never thought i'd EVER read Zane Grey. But i tell you what..I'm finding that I'm nuts about his writing! The book i'm reading right now is The Shepard of Guadaloupe... and it's just amazingly good. Or maybe its just that i was reading it in such a peaceful setting.
Ah but i ramble. On to the auction and trying to get Golda's pictures back. Blogger let me post the tamarack picture. Maybe it'll adjust itself and post Golda's pictures too? I hope so. You just gotta meet her. An absolutely astounding woman!
And folks just keep coming!!! My blog has over two thousand hits since Carol Alexander at Crochet Magazine so kindly put a link to my blog in her newsletter ( ! AMAZING!! And the bids have been coming in fast. Thank you all for stopping by and a special thanks to Carol Alexander!!



angelfire said...

Jimbo, what a lovely view, it actually makes me want to go spend some time alone myself just admiring the view. I really need to get out of the ciry and enjoy some nature. Maybe I will go deer hunting with my grandson this weekend, the scenery in baraboo Wisconsin is lovely this time of year.

Maureen said...

I worry about bushfires! - (says the Australian) - it's very very pretty, but is it safe?

Erin said...

Hi Mr. Jimbo! We're having beautiful scenery here in MO too... we had a drop-dead gorgeous sunrise the other morning, just before a round of thunderstorms! I love the picture of the tamarack tree... I didn't know the needles turn yellow! Oh, and I can see the picture of Miss Golda too. Have a wonderful day!

WilBlg4Yrn said...

Jimbo it's gorgeous.. and if I am not mistaken the first hook you ever sent me was tamarack right? No, I am sure it was because I had never seen one that I could remember.

We're heading out to eastern KY tomorrow morning early to the deer woods to go a-huntin', I'll keep a lookout for some interesting branches for ya! Well when I am not looking for deer that is.

Ann said...

What a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman. Congratulations to you both for all your accomplishments. And thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. Too much of our God given beautiful country is being lost to progress & your blog pays tribute to all of what I miss so much since moving from northern Indiana. Also, the recipe sounds like some really fantastic comfort food!!

naomi said...

Sooo, beautiful.............