Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tulip Wood K is Vicki's! Bidding closed!

PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE, You won't regret it.

Ok so this isn't Deadman Crick wood. Nope its storebought wood, from Woodcraft where i saw the blank and just couldn't resist. Ain't she a purty one!
Can you guess what kind of wood it is?? Ok maybe you got the hint from the title of this post, you clever person you. Yes its Tulip Wood.
Now you say, how can you get wood from a tulip? VERY carefully. Heh. Ok ok I'm teasing. Tulip is a small South American tree with very distinctive grain, as you can easily see. The color is FANTASTIC! You'da thought "oh ho... Jimbo used stain on this one" But noooooo Jimbo never uses stain on hooks. Stain ain't nacheral. Just cause its not Deadman Crick wood doesn't mean it gets special treatment to make it look as good. Nooo.
So ok here's the skinny: This hook is oh about 7 1/2 inches long and a K sizewise for you K lovers. It has a smmmmoooooooooth handle end that doubles as a worry stone..... so nice to rub with your thumb.
Tulip is a little touchy to work with but ooooh such pretty grain, eh?

So its up for bids, kids.

I'll take bids till next Wednesday (Sept. 19th)till 10pm Pacific Std Time.

You can send bids to my yahoo email address at:

And I'll be here today (Sept 13) and a little of tomorrow morning, but then I'll be up at the crick working on the porch and having a family reunion till Monday... so go ahead and send your bids. Any that arrive while I'm still here, I'll try to post right away.. those that arrive while gone will be posted Monday.. ok?

So here we go!!
Oh and thanks again for dropping by!!

Erin takes a break from her studies and bids $15
Vicki's back with a big jump to $40! (Vicki's a big jumper... not that she's big. Vicki's a tiny hunka fluff. No, i meant she jumped the bid up. Not physically jump.. oh you know)


angelfire said...

Jimbo, that hook is drop dead gorgeous...I can just imagine the smoothness when crocheting.

Erin said...

It's beautiful, Mr. Jimbo.

Andy's Crafts said...

Can you make cedar hooks? That will be lovely!

Anita said...

I love it!

vicki said...

lol thanks jim, a little fluff is better than alot hehehehehe, i sure do like that hook is sure pretty

Darncatcrochet said...

Your work is just beautiful...
Tag your it.. Stop by my blog for the rules.

Erin said...

darn. lost by a nose ;-) Congratulations Vicki!!

vicki said...

thanks erin, it sure is beautiful maybe jim will make another one one of these days and if he does i will try not to bid on it hehehe

vicki said...

jim, wanted to let you know i am having a hard time putting this hook down. is so warm and easy to work with, i can't thank you enough my friend