Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Want that special person melt with sheer delight? Want to be the envy or all your crochet buddies for your cleverness? Want to make your kids roll their eyes just one more time? Then here's just the ticket. A PRINGLES (TM)brand snack food can COZY!!

Yes my crochet friends, I've been holding out on you! I've secretly been crocheting all through these past two years, and after frogging enough that my hands are solid wart, i've come up with this beauty.

No more cold fingers holding your "Pringle"tm brand snack food can! You or a loved one can have your very own toasty warm cozy for that favorite snack. And now that they come with 0 trans fat, you can enjoy this wonderful snack in comfort and without worry.

Ok i'm sure you're dying by now for the pattern, so here you go.
1. get yarn
2. crochet it to look like the cozy in the picture.

Will my generosity ever end??? Yes folks i'm freely sharing this very first jimbo pattern with you all!!

Sure, you're thinking, its easy for HIM to make. Well i'll confess that it took me long hours to make this little beauty and to confess a little more... i had no idea in the known universe that this thing would turn out to be a "Pringles"tm brand snack food can cozy, but you know, miracles just happen. I can't splain it... all i can do is share this one with you, my friends. So go ahead.... make one. Heck, make a whole set and amaze your friends when they show up to watch the game! So many possiblities!

And just think.... all this came about only two days late!!

What was two days ago, you ask breathlessly?

Why it was April Fools day!

Hope you had a happy one... its one of my very favoritest holidays!


ok ok... i'll go back to making hooke.


~drew emborsky~ said...

Your talents never cease to amaze me! Congrats on the amazing pattern! Now I know what everyone on my holiday gift list is getting this year!!

Jimbo said...

Thanks Dude... i'm just glad to help out. What are us designer/friends for if we can't help each other out once in awhile?

Pam said...

You have a wicked sense of humor Jim, you know those can cozy are hot, or cool, which ever way you look at it!!! Happy Spring! -Pam

Pink said...

You are too funny! Ever thought of opening and etsy store...or eBay? You could make a teeny-tiny fortune...lol!

But I have the very-first-ever-absolutely-totally-unique-python afghan, remember? It was packed up just the other day, don't want it escaping and causing all sorts of havoc between here and there...

Jimbo said...

Ah Pam, you ain't seen nothin yet. Well maybe you have seen nothin. I love April Fools.
Happy Spring to you too!

Jimbo said...

Oh Su... of course i remember! How could i ever forget that masterpiece. Its just that i didn't know at the time how to write patterns, so unless YOU want to write it up, it'll be unique to the world.
Good to hear from you, Kid!

Homosexual Christmas tin soldier said...

I change colour
I'm not faithless
Like science
It's a secret
Lost children
Slow dancing
Taking chances just the same

Marvie said...

That's the purtiest thing I ever laid eyes on! Great job =) If I ever have time to pick up a hook again (owning a house is a lot of work!) I'm going to have to make a bunch of these!!

Deneen said...

LOL-Yer killin me here!

Andy's Crafts said...

Jimbo you are the Best!

vicki said...

oh wise one, we thank you for the wonderful pattern, must use new hooks to make one or two or thousand hehe, i love your sense of humor my friend hugsgvq

Kel said...

First time visitor to your blog & I have to say: Brilliant! Love it! LOL :)