Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Thanks for all the bids folks! And for those who bid, please come back. If theres not another hook up tomorrow, there will be soon. And thanks soo much for your support!

Here we have a hook made from the branch of a tamarack (Western Larch)tree that I have up on the crick. This tree had to be removed to clear the cabin site. I salvaged what could be saved, along with the trunk; to use, hopefully for beams under the house. After sorting through piles of dead branches, I found this piece which was perfectly clear and about 2" diameter.
The hook? Very nice tight grain and oh so smooth. The size is in the vicinity of an L and its about 7.5" long, with a bit extra length in the shank section. I think this hook will fit nicely in almost any grip style.
If the bids go well on this one, I'll do a contest and give the next hook away.
As usual, you can submit your bids to me, and i'll edit this post to keep you up to date on the highest bid. I'll close the bidding a week from today (Wednesday Aug 9).
You can send your bids to me at...
oh yeah, I almost forgot.. this link donesn't always work so you might have to block and copy it to your browser. Also, please specify which hook you're bidding on since the Republican hook is also still up for bids (see the post below)
Heck, I like this hook so well, I'll start the bidding myself at $15.
Oh oh... Ana bumped the bid to $25. Well thats too rich for me... heck i can make my own.
Woooo Weeeee... another bid, this time for $30!
Whew! Another bid just in, this one for $32!
Yet one more bid... this one for $36!! Wooo Hoooo!!
Zowie! another bid... this time for ..... $40 I'm speechless (thank goodness i'm not typeless!)
Bids will close tonight at 9pm Jimbo time (runs a bit slower than ordinary Pacific Daylight)

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