Friday, July 14, 2006

The Old Apple Tree

At the risk of detracting from the auction that's running in the post below, I thought i'd post another picture of the tree that has donated so many Jimbo hooks. No its not the hazlenut bush that contributed the present hook up for auction (that's far distant in the picture), but the apple tree who's dead branches inspired me to carve crochet hooks. Its amazing to me that this little tree now has crochet hook offspring in Germany, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Morocco, England, and all over the US. Such an unassuming little thing that you hardly notice from the road has contributed so much, and has stood by through so many events in my life.
It was there to give us apples and shade when we were little kids playing. It stood silently when we had to pack up and move when my dad became too sick for us to stay so far from help. It lived on after we were gone, after my dad died and events led us away for so many years. It stood there all those years. And it lives on today, still producing hard tangy little apples that will make you a tart apple pie, and branches that make rustic little crochet hooks.
I'd normally think that such a tree would have died long ago from so many years of hard winters and human neglect. But maybe that's what has made it so durable. And with help from the deer and bear who do a bit of pruning, woodpeckers who keep the bug population in control, and water from the spring that runs past to feed the roots (the same spring that once supplied the hand pump in our kitchen), its done fairly well. Small old and gnarled, its still contributing.. something to aspire to.
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