Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bidding is closed! We have a winner! AUCTION!!! YAHOOOO!

Jennifer has submitted the highest bid ($37)for the hook. Thanks so much to all of you who bid. I've a bunch of hook orders going out soon, but will put another up for bids as soon as my chubby fingers can whittle some. Till then thanks for coming by and thanks again for bidding. All you guys are the BEST!

ps... sorry the announcement is a bit late but i had some trouble getting into the blog for some reason.

Here is one of the most interesting hooks i've ever made. It's whittled from a single hunk of hazelnut, which grows all around the ranch, but as a bush, not a tree. This particular piece was taken from a dead branch (I don't kill branches to make hooks) on a Hazelnut bush that's just south of the crick, about 350 yards from the cabin site. I cut the piece while on a hike with my oldest son Clint (named after my Dad, who was better known as Pappy but that's another story). The hook was whittled on the front porch (such as it is) of the trailer, so it's truly a hook from Jimbo's front porch.
Notice the sort of Palomino grain. That's not bark...its grain, and as smooth as a Jimbo hook gets. All that color variation including the dark demarcation between the solid color and the blond striations are actual color variations in the wood. This hunk of wood is just incredible, and if it were'nt for dire need for building funds, i'd keep it just to look at. But i have a couple more hunks of this wood so i'll put this one up for auction and hope the other pieces are as incredible.
And oh yeah... for those who would like an idea of size, I'd say it's about an L on the Bates scale, and will cozy up very nicely with a toothbrush or steak knife style grip.
You can bid the usual way, by emailing me at my Yahoo email address:

and if the link doesn't work (didn't for Elizabeth) you might block and copy my address to your browser?
We're OFF!! Andi opens the bidding with $15.00 which is immediately bumped to $20.00 by David, who falls to Elizabeth's $25 bid.
Yay hoo we're off and running!
And now we have Debra bumping the bid a bit to $25.50!
But wait! There's more!! Elizabeth has rallied and retakes the lead with a $30.00 bid!!
And yet MORE! Jennifer has raised the bar by two bucks, to $32, if i did the math right.
Not to be outdone, Elizabeth counters with a whopping $35bid!

I suppose i should give a time certain for closing the bidding, huh. Ok.... lets see.. How about oh lets say 9pm Pacific Time on the 25th. That fair?

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ThreeOliveMartini said...

that hook freakin rocks!