Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Watch Two Spaces above this one

because of the invention post, i went ahead and did a new post for the mystery hook. Its two posts above this one.
Sorry for the run around.

Soon, very soon, this space will be edited and a new hook will be added for bids. Its a special one. A rarity for me cause its not so easy doing a Boye style hook (at lease for me).
The picture above? Its a carving i did, in a little wall shelf i made from an old fence board. I've always been a fan of "form follows function" and a double bit axe, in my estimation is the epitome of that statement. You can't get much more efficient for a cutting tool, and the form has evolved since stone axes to the shape you see here; not from a need for aesthetics, but for pure function... yet to me there is beauty in the shape. I think hooks have evolved or at least started to evolve, the same way..... till the manufacturers decided that "function" meant the easiest way to get hooks mass produced, and ignored user comfort.
Ok... enough of my soapbox comments.
Come on back and see what's up next.
And thanks for stopping by.


DixieRedHead said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy! Cant wait to see ur new creation Jimbo!

Jimbo said...

ok Stacey, the new hook is two posts above.
Sorry to keep you in so much suspense!


Carol Thomas said...

It seems to me, that when someone mass produces things, & special things, like hooks, they are universal, as to what I mean?? they don't fit the person's hand, & that's when you hear, "my hand or fingers hurt" ekkkk.. :(
To me, the hooks that are made to fit just one person's hand, not everyone, & don't make them hurt, are the best.