Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Hook for bids (SOLD)

Got carried away and sold this one already. I'll make a definate time limit on the next one, ok?

Here is an Ornamental Crabapple hook that has very distinctive grain color differentiation. The bark is a cinnamon that fades to an umber, then a honey blond strata that leads to a thin Mahogany colored strata that you see in the hook throat, and finally to a tan birch color on the back side. See the different layers in the "new batch" two entries below this one; its the second hook from the right.
Its an L'ish size on the Bates gauge (approx 7mm)and might be best suited for those with a toothbrush or knife grip style, although it might work ok with pencil grippers who use a thumb and two finger grip.

You can send your bids to me at...

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your bids!

Current bid: $20


angelfire said...

I love the look of the hook, I can just feel it in my hand already. A perfect size for me too.

Pink said...

That is a gorgeous looking hook, Jimbo. Yeah, I know I say that about all your hooks but each one is so pretty and fan-bloody-tastic!

Jimbo said...

Oh Pink.... you're just trying to get me to send you more crochet work, eh?