Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks Everyone

(finally found the photo of Natalie's hook)

I've not been ignoring posting... just haven't had much time to do anything with work such as it is.. Spent 12 hrs there today. But its coming together, and i've been learning lots lf cool stuff.
Did inventory today and became a bit more familiar with the newest in lathe accessories at Woodcraft. Also checked out a number of the turning blanks they'll have for sale. Made me drool. I'd love to get a small lathe so i could turn hooks, knitting needles, and drop spindles. But i have to be patient.
Hope you folks waiting for hooks are patient too. I'm trying to work a bit each night but just couldn't tonight... too tired.
I do have a few hooks that i did outside those ordered, and should be posting pictures of them soon. One i think i'll donate to the C'ville auction, and i'll sell the rest.... so if you're interested in a hook, please check in from time to time.
Thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement.
Back soon, i hope


Kari said...

*hugs* I was about ready to send out the posse. I know you are busy with work. Post when you can.
Can't wait to see the hooks!

Faith said...

It sure sounds like you are super busy! Thanks for letting us know how you're doing! I can't wait to see the other hooks! :)

ThreeOliveMartini said...

wow you have been busy !!

lathes are SO fun !

cant wait to see what you have made ..

Mary said...

I love the hooks you sent they are fabulous. I am working on a rug for my dog with the N hook, it is great to work with.

Jenny Moore said...

I don't know where I've been, but I have just now discovered your hooks. Look forward to seeing your newest creation and getting info on prices! Would absolutely love to buy some!

Jimbo said...

Thanks guys... its good to be back. Got a couple days off before the store opening now, so i'll be trying to catch up a bit.
I do have a tiny stock of extra hooks (ones that i couldn't resist making although i didn't have pending orders for them) and i'll make up a post showing them soon.

Jenny, the hooks sell for $15 each for sizes between J and P. Q+ are more, and i prefer not to do smaller than J. Tell me how to contact you and i'll supply further info.

Pam said...

Jimbo - I admire your hooks so and I can't live without one, may I place an order for one like the Traveling Hook, size K? -Pam