Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Jimbo Hooks up for sale...

Oh, and a picture from the Ranch last week....

The leaning tree in the lower left is the old apple tree that has donated so many discarded branches for crochet hooks. 

Ok, now for the upcoming sale!  Lots of hooks!! 

This is a genuine Deadman Crick wood handle made for the "Boye" brand Interchangeable Head Crochet Set.  It comes with 14 different size thread hooks that can be used with this ergonimically designed handle.  I have had a number of inquiries from the very talented crochet artists in Brazil and Paraguay for this set.  The complete set including the handle, 14 interchangeable hooks, and a zippered case sells for $65 US.  Shipping is a significant factor, so please when you order, let me know where the set is to be shipped and I will research the shipping cost.  I have found that shipping to Brazil and Paraguay is very slow and expensive. ( from $7 to $14 for regular postage).  Payment by Paypal is preferred.  Also please note that I have other sets and can make the handles to order.
Order by email to me at

Next up...

Here are a dozen hooks of various styles and they're all for sale except for the standing Thunder Plum figured hook in the top center of the picture... it is already sold and will soon be winging it's way to Amy's talented hands in Nova Scotia!
OK... Lets start with the standing hooks at the top of the picture.  From left to right:

Hook 1 is standing on the far left and has it's best features hidden from you.  I made this one from Maple and left some of the bark on the handle near the thumb rest.  Trust me, its amazing.  Like me, I didn't get it turned correctly for the photo.  duh.  Anyways, this is an H (5mm) and it's 7 inches long and light as a feather.  Price $30 (SOLD)

Hook 2 is very special.  Remember the old apple tree I keep harping about?  The one in the photo above?  The tree that started this hook making career? Well  hook #2 is made from a discarded branch from that tree. Yup it's apple wood and a beauty at that.  It's an I (5.5mm) and is 7 3/4 inches long.  Price $30 (sold)

Hook #3 is another beauty, made of Thunder Plum.  Sorry folks, but it's sold and will be making warm things in Nova Scotia!

Hook #4 is partially hidden by hook 3 so you'll have to trust me on this one too.  Its a beautiful piece of Maple with a bit of bark left on the foot and a hook head with a deep bowl and medium length throat.  It's a K (6.5mm) and is 7 3/4 inches long.  Price:  $25 (SOLD)

Hook #5 is another one from a bramble bush near the old apple tree up on the ranch.  You might be able to see it in the photo to the right of the apple tree.  Long pointy thorns on this bush make collecting discarded branches a challenge but the wood it worth the spilled blood.  Truthfully, I didn't bleed getting this one.  Got lucky this time.  And I got really lucky with the wood because it's just so very nice.  A little bark ring around the foot of this one too, keeps some of the character of the bush. It's a size 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long.  Price: $30

Now we come to the hooks laying down (lying down?  I can never remember the correct grammar).  Ah but this isn't about grammar, it's about hooks.  Lets begin, then from the left again.

Hook #6 is a beauty made of Thunder Plum with a beautiful length of the heartwood showing.  It's an H (5mm) with a bit shallower bowl and super lightweight.  Length is 7 inches.  Price: $30 (SOLD)

Hook #7 is the only non-local wood hook in this bunch.  And it's a beauty!  This hook is made of Tiger Wood (no it's not a piece of the famous golfer)  Tiger wood is an exotic hardwood with really beautiful distinctinve grain marking.  This one is an H (5mm) and is 7 3/4 inches long. Price: $35 (sold)

Hooks  #8, 9 and 10 are all hand carved by me.  No lathe work on these; just a sharp knife, saw and what my momma called "elbow grease": lots of rubbing with sandpaper.

  Hook #8 is carved from a down branch of red fir up on the ranch.  It's pretty enough to be used as a hair stick or shawl pin, but should work VERY well as a crochet hook too.  It's a bit of a Boye hook style and a bit of a K sizewise.  I'm hoping this hook inspires you to do some freeform work because the hook itself is pretty much a free form.  Fits the hand well though and I dare you to find a smoother finish.  Price: $20 (SOLD)

Hook 9 is hand carved from a piece of Thunder Plum.  The handle is sort of triangular in cross section with bark remaining  from the thumb rest to the foot.  Beautiful, and there's a sort of "trigger" opposite the thumb rest where the shank of the hook transitions into the handle.  I left the knife marks there because the wood is so smooth and I like to leave Jimbo tracks when I can; like artist's brush strokes.  This beauty is a 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 inches long.  Price: $20 (SOLD)

Hook 10 is another hand carved rustic beauty, made (I believe) from Maple.  I left the cambium layer (the layer between the bark and wood) because of it's character and the contrast between the dark cambium layer and the thumb rest and shank is pretty nifty.  It's a K (6.5mm) and  is 7 1/2 inches long.  Price: $20 (SOLD)

Hook 11 could be a local wood, but isn't.  It's cherry.  I love cherry, especially the dark heartwood that make up this hook.  Beautiful glistening chatoyance that you don't see in ordinary cherry.  This hook is MUCH prettier than the picture can convey, because the camera can't capture the depth of grain and the changing colors as the hook is turned in the light.  A truly beautiful hook.  It's a snug L (8+mm) and is a smidge over 8 inches long.  Price:  $30 (sold)

Hook 12 is good old Black Walnut.  Walnut was my favorite wood back in the old days, and I still have a fondness for it.  Light weight for a big hook.  It's an M (9mm) and is 8 inches long.  Price: $30 (sold)

There you have it, for now.  Quite a bunch, eh?   So if you'd like to purchase any of these hooks, please email me at . 

More to come!!  I've been experimenting with shawl pins and have some really interesting ones finally ready for sale, so please stay tuned.

Oh.... ahem  you might want to check out Interweave Crochet Accessories edition this month.  Not to spill the beans, but there's something in there that might have something to do with ole Jimbo....and maybe even a cameo appearance by an old giant hook friend as well....  just sayin..

Thanks for dropping by!!


mireya said...

they are all so beautiful

Maria Laura said...

Hello Jimbo
I Still dreaming with those hooks.If the things are going well I'll buy them for january. I repeat those hooks are amazing.
I apologize for my english.
Blessing for you and your family

EXREA said...

I love the interchangeable set I ordered from you and have sent several folks here for their own set! Please post on how to order from you!!!