Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hand Carved Hooks and Shawl Pins

Getting ready for my class at the CLF (Crochet Liberation Front) Retreat on Camano Island where I'll be teaching Crochet Hook  and Shawl Pin carving.  These are the style of hooks and shawl pins that got me started in this little business.  And they're still my favorites.  Hand carving a crochet hook or shawl pin (which can also be used as hair sticks) is a way to not only let the wood show it's original beauty, but puts more of "me" into the work.  ALL the wood in these pictures came from up on the Ranch.

The hooks are Genuine Deadman Crick Apple and each has a comfy thumb rest. 
The top hook is a hybrid size.  It's 6.75mm, partway between a K and an L. (SOLD)
The middle hook is a G (4.5mm) (SOLD)

The bottom hook is a K (6.5mm) (SOLD)

Prices:  $25 each

The shawl pins (shown in a beautiful shawl made for my sweetie, Karol, by my lifelong friend Mickey) are all made of Crick Wood
The top stick is made from a charred stump of cedar.  A forest fire raged through the ranch area way back in the early 1900's and I still see charred stumps around.  Split the outer surface and the insides of these stumps are often amazingly well preserved.  I left the dark outside on this one, but you can flip it over and the surface will b similar to the stick you see two places down. (SOLD)
The second stick is made from a old Hazelnut Bush stick.  You can see I left the little bug trails.  Beautiful wood!  (SOLD)
The third is another stick made from the charred cedar stump only with the clear wood showing and a little of the charred surface on the top edge.
The bottom stick is made of a really HARD and prickly bramble bush that grows on the ranch and tantalizes me to come and donate blood as I try to sneak dead branches from it's thorny grip.  Ah but the wood is worth the effort, as is the extra effort it takes to transmogrify this otherwise threatening but otherwise plain looking wood into beautiful objects. (SOLD)
The shawl pins are for sale $15 each except for the bottom one, which is $20.
You can email me with your intentions to purchase, at

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CrochetBlogger said...

The shawl pins are so creative! Have a great time at Cama!

shannie_nae said...

any instructions on how to use the shawl pins as hair sticks?

Jimbo said...

Ok, now remember I'm not a hair expert. I have little enough hair to worry about. But the way I've seen hairsticks used is you first wad your hair up in some kind of interesting bunch then poke the hairstick through it. I'd suggest they be pretty much vertical to avoid falling out. Some folks use crochet hooks for hairsticks!

grannygoodknit said...

Have you ever considered making a DVD on carving for those of us who can't attend your classes? I'd love to make some hooks for myself. If you do make one, I'll buy the first copy!

shannie_nae said...

ok, so hubby bought me one of those hair sticks and I have figured out how to use it. It is so comfortable and it holds all my hair up all day. I have gotten so many compliments on it at work. I really should send a pic. I am loving it! Jimbo, you are the greatest!