Friday, October 29, 2010

What I've been up to recently...

Ah I've been having a really, REALLY fantastic time lately. First it was a trip across the state to attend and teach hook carving at the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) retreat on Camano Island. Camano is an island just off the Washington Coast in Puget Sound. Its an amazingly beautiful place as you can see....

A Heron on the beach in front of my cabin at twilight.

A cabin like mine, just a few feet from the beach. These cabins were built in the '30s and were pretty rustic, but then so am I. Location was in Cama State Park, WA.

The view from my window.

And here is the shop where I taught crochet hook carving. The Center for Wooden Boats let me use it. What a fantastic group. They also have a larger shop right on the beach with a ramp leading out into the water. The smaller shop you see here is about 18 x 25 feet and has a wood stove (see the chimbly?). FANTASTIC!!! I got up every morning early and started a fire to warm the shop for my students. Early morning wood fire crackling, a cup of coffee and, well it just doesn't get much better. Ah but it did! The students were just perfect! I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable bunch, and they made some pretty amazing hooks. I learned some stuff from my students, that I'm anxious to try in future hooks, thanks especially to Julia (heartfelt encouragement and hook design), Andee (gotta try that micro mesh sandpaper), and Dennis (let me test drive his pyrograph tool, and now I WANT one).

And this is a group picture of Camp Cama CLF campers. Notice Dippy (Diplohookticus Jimbosei, the world's biggest crochet hook) in the foreground, held by the immensely talented and equally famous Bonnie Pierce (I swear Bonnie could crochet bullions from barb wire with a fence post), and Andee Graves, designer and star of the crochetwear runway. Oh I could go on and on. Seated next to Bonnie is THE Karen Whooley. Yes, its her, and I got to meet her. Neener Neener! And next to Karen is Julia who designs crochet, makes jewelry and I'm proud to say is my friend and a very accomplished hook maker. Oh I could go on some more. There's Mary in front of me. Mary is so much fun, and whittles in a crouching position. (a little inside joke). And theres Don to my right. Don was there in the shop whittling hooks WAY after the lessons were over. Great guy, Don. He and his wife Deb (another crochet maven) also entertained us with their music. And Bill, Bonnie's husband (the tall guy in the middle) is a great guy to have a beer with. There's Dennis next to Bill. Dennis is a VERY accomplished wood carver and owner of a really cool pyrography tool that I covet. And in front of and between Dennis and Bill is our cherished, venerated, and omnipotent leader of the CLF and organizer in chief of the event, Laurie. I had such a great time with all these folks, just thoroughly enjoyed everyone and every minute at the retreat. I'm hoping to do the same thing next year.

Here's a shot of Marillyn crocheting a lace doiley with Dippy. Ole Dippy was in his glory at Cama. I think he got everyone's autograph. Oh and Marillyn was one of my star puples.

And then... after a fond adieu to the wonders of the CLF and Camp Cama, it was back to the ranch where the tamaracks are changing and the woodpile needs replenishment...

Ah but I've been making hooks too, and there'll be some coming up for sale soon, very soon.



badrhinogillett said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

AberrantCrochet said...

It was an awesome retreat and I'm still riding the high! Your classes Jimbo were a highlight for me. Thanks so much. I can't wait to carve together again!

Wish me luck, I'm going to demo tomorrow night about the differences between hooks, holds and what they can do, etc.!