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This auction is over!! Thanks so much to all who visited and bid.  Winning bidders please consider using the little orange box marked "make a donation" to use paypal.  Payment in other media is totally acceptable; simply notify me by email if you wish to make payment by another method.  Thanks again for dropping by!  Another auction is in the wings and will be up soon.
Have a great week end!

Been away but not from hook making.... and here's the proof.  A veritable plethora of hooks... that is to say if 6 hooks and a Nostepenne is a plethora.

So lets not shilly shally around and get right to the point.  Starting from the left in the group of hooks nestled in that beautifully figured Maple bowl (a birthday present I made for my Sweetie), we have Hook #1

Hook #1 is made, I think, of Honduran Rosewood, a really hard wood that lends itself well to smaller size hooks.  This one's an "F" (3.75mm) size and is 19cm (7.5 inches) long.  A caveat.  This hook might already be sold.  If the buyer decides yes, I'll pull it from the auction.  If no, it will be up for bids.  AND it just sold!  Hook #1 is going to Australia!

Hook #2 is another Rosewood (not sure what country though) hook that's a real beauty.  This is one of those hooks that fetches comments from buyers, like "Oh my goodness!  The hook is even more beautiful than it is in your picture!".  Think of Black Walnut on steroids.  Oops, I'm shilly shallying.  Focus Jimbo.  Ok it's a K (6.5mm) and is 7.5 inches long).

Hook #3 is another one of those amazing spalted apple hooks that defies description.  You get a very basic ides of the grain variation in the picture.  Get it in your  hands and you'll be mesmerized (well I was).  If you'd like to read more about the very same log this hook issued from, go a couple posts below this one and read about the spalted apple cousin (hook #5 in that post).  Same goes for this hook only this one has even more grain and color variation.  Beautiful, interesting, mysterious, it'll be the talk of your crochet club.  It's an "L" (8mm) and is 7.75 inches long.

Hook #4 is a drop dead beautiful Cocobolo "O" (11mm) hook.  The beauty of this wood belies it's dangerous propensity on the lathe.  The shavings get in my skin and I have a rash and itch for days.  But for you?  I'd itch for weeks!  Very near the peak of the exotic woods as far as beauty goes, Cocobolo makes durable, heavy, very hard hooks that will last several lifetimes.   Oh yeah, the hook is 8 inches of elegance.

Hook #5 is about as rare as the spalted Apple hook in terms of what's been available for me to convert from stick to hook.  This is a "flamewood" hook, a very deep redish purple that doesn't pick up well in the picture but that is just amazing.  It has a very subtle "quilting" in it's grain structure that's sure to amaze you, and if looks aren't good enough, the finish is so smooth you'll have a real hard time putting it down.  Rare hook, rare size.  It's a 5.75mm, or midway between an I and a J.  Length is 7.75 inches.  Flamewood!  I doubt it'll burn your yarn though.... way too smooth.

Hook #6 is one of my new stand up Egg Hooks.  This beauty is made of Canary wood and chatoyance is it's middle name.  I have an affinity for chatoyant wood... maybe because I was always fascinated by those "Cracker Jack" prize cards that would show two different pictures depending on how you held it to the light. This hook you hold one way you see one grain pattern and held another way you see another... but the beauty is in the visible transition from one to the other.  Hookwise it's a dandy too.  Very comfortable to hold.  I'd say this style hook is near to if not at the top of ergonomic crochet hooks for those who have a overhand grip.  It's a "H" and stands 5.5 inches tall.

#7 Now we move on to the Nostepenne.  We all know what a Nostepenne is, right?  Well if you don't, Google and YouTube are eager to teach you.  Basically it's a hand held yarn winder that allows you to wind a center pull ball of yarn from one of those pesky unwound skeins.  And if you'll trust me, I'll tell you this Noste is made of Cherry.  I know I know it's hard to see cherry color in the picture.  Heck it's hard to see it in real life but thats what it is.  It was a gift many years ago from a good friend who was making a solid cherry spiral staircase.  He gave me this beautiful scrap of Cherry and said "Here Jimbo, make something of this".  Well Scottie, here it is.    A Noste that's unbelievably smooth, pretty and functional!  It's 9.25 inches long; the working shank is 5" long (meaning you should be able to make an almost 5 inch diameter ball cause you need to leave a smidge of space at the small end); and the diameter at the small end is .875 inches.

Hook #8 is something totally unique in all of  Crochetdom, perhaps in the known Universe..... a Nesting Egg Hook.  Need I say more?  I made this hook from a wonderous piece of Apricot and when it was ready to be parted from the blank I was turning, I noticed that the most beautiful part of the wood was being left behind.  So I thought, "Jimbo, why can't you make a little stand for that egg hook to nest in?" (I talk to myself more these days).  Well I listened, and you see the result.  Because both pieces were born of the same stick, you can actually match the grain from one to another... not that that's an important thing, but actually is a pretty nice touch in my estimation.  Actually this little combination has been sitting on my desk for more than a month as eye candy.  It's just that purty.  It's a H (5mm) and is 6 inches long.  Be high bidder on the Egg Hook and I'll throw in the nest.

There we have it!  Lots to look at, eh?

Bidding rules:  We'll run the auction up until 10pm Pacific Time on Thursday, June 25th.  Please email your bids to me at .

Tying bids will be resolved in favor of the first received.

I do take "Proxy" bids if you choose to do that as well but if we get a tie on highest proxy bid, resolution will again be in favor of the first bid received, but in this case I'll notify the later bidder of the situation.

I'm not always close by the computer (actually I'm at the Crick whenever possible and there's no internet there ((yay))), but I'll try to post your bids as soon as I can.

Please increase bids by $5 minimum.

Let the auction begin!


Hook #1(sold)

Hook #2
Cathy bids $30
Barbara goes $55

Hook #3
Barbara with $35

Hook #4
Carla goes for Cocobolo...$35
Barbara bids it up to $55

Hook #5
Niki goes $25
Barbara bumps it to $55

Hook #6
From Mona the Compassionate:
"Don't want hook # 6 to feel left out and unloved: $25.00"
Thanks Mona, I can see that little hook smiling as I type.
Cathy's compassionate too... $30

Nostepenne (#7)
Yvonne goes $25

Hook set #8
Carla likes the nesting Egg Hook and bids $35
Susan H  bumps it up to $40
Susan W. raises to $45
Susan H is right back with $50

And thanks again for dropping by!  I really appreciate your support.

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