Wednesday, April 08, 2015

April Crochet hook Auction and Hook give-away contest

Auction is OVER !  so is the contest and the winner is DAVID 

High bidders please consider paying by way of paypal, simply by clicking on the little yellow box in the left hand margin labled "Make a Donation".  Please include $2.50 extra for shipping in your payment. I'll try to get your hook in the mail right away.

Thanks again for a super auction, Bidders!  There will be another auction very shortly, I promise!

Lets start with these. ok?  We have an eclectic bunch of hook materials and sizes here for your bidding pleasure.
Lets start with the hook lying in the foreground.  We'll call it hook #1.  This one is a Jimbo hand carved rustic apple wood (Deadman Crick Apple wood, that is)  "M" (9mm) hook.  This hook was carved from a branch section that I quartered into several pieces.  The top side of the handle, as you see, is fairly flat except for the indented thumb rest.  The back side keeps the natural shape of the branch and a bit of the cambium layer.  This is a very comfortable and interesting looking hook.
Moving up to the upright hooks, starting with the one on the far left, we have hook

#2.  This hook is also Deadman Crick Apple, but this piece is spalted, with contrasting beautiful blond and copper colors.  Sizewise this is a 7mm (between a K and an L) and stands proud and tall at 8 1/2 inches long. This is one of just a few very few totally unique spalted apple hooks, A very rare collection.

Moving to the right we have a highly figured and chatoyant maple hook #3.  Remember those little plastic pictures that you could look at and see one image, and that image would be replaced with another when you tipped the picture a certain way?  Well that's what this hook is like.  It's amazing and beautiful at the same time.  It's a K (6.5mm) and stands 7 7/8 inches tall.

Another step to the right brings us to a very pretty hook #4, made of that same amazing optically mystifying figured maple.  Big and beautiful it is.  A size Q* that stands up at 8 1/4 inches.
*Note that this is a Q as measured on my Lacis crochet hook gauge, which also gives the size in millimeters: 13mm, which is quite different than the 15 - 16mm Q sizes given by other hook manufacturers.  Interesting eh?  I sure wish they would get their acts together and standardize hook sizes.  So you can have a Q like this one which measures 13mm or a Q measured by another manufacturer that is 16mm.  BIG difference.  Ah but I rant on and this is supposed to be a fun auction.  Lets move on.

Hook #5 is a totally new development in my "Egg" hook line; an Egg hook that stands up!  You see it standing in the photo.  Convenient and showy (even has a bit of a saucy lean, slightly to the right), this hook still fits the hand like a glove and just might be the answer to a crochetier's prayer who needs a hook for sore hand/wrist.  I've had customers tell me they thought they'd have to give up crocheting until they tried one of my egg hooks.  They're just so easy to grip in the palm of the hand.  So this one is a "M" (9mm) and stands 5 inches tall.  The first of a new Jimbo line!

Hook #6 is another biggie.  It weighs in at 13.5mm and is 8 1/8 inches of hookalicious spalted Apple... the last one from the chunk of spalted apple wood I got from the old tree up on the Crick (told you they'd be rare, eh?)   I tapered the cheeks of this one to ease the sliding motion of the yarn loop onto the shank. This should be a very nice hook to work with, not to mention its beauty and rarity.

So there we have it, for now; 6 hooks and they're up for bids.
Bidding rules:  We'll run the auction for 7 days, ending up at 10pm on Wednesday, April 15th.  Please email your bids to me at .

Tying bids will be resolved in favor of the first received.

I do take "Proxy" bids if you choose to do that as well but if we get a tie on highest proxy bid, resolution will again be in favor of the first bid received, but in this case I'll notify the later bidder of the situation.

Please increase bids by $5 minimum.

Let the auction begin!


Hook #1
Cynthia bids $25
David goes $35
Cynthia counters with $40
David bumps it up $45
Cynthia's right back with $50

Hook #2
Cathy goes $30
Pauline bids $35
Cathy's back with $40
David  with $45
Cathy goes to $50

Doug is loath to see a lonesome hook without a bid .... $30
Thank you, Doug, and #3 thanks you too.
Brenda likes #3 too.... $35
Niki takes it to $40
Brand goes to $ 45

Hook #4
Cynthia bids $25
Doug goes $45

Oops, I put Cynthia's original bid in the wrong place
corrected here
Cynthia, $25
Vikki Raises to $50!
Cynthia holds up her bid paddle.. $55
David raises it to $70

Hook #6
Doug is back with $40


I've decided to give away the other egg hook you see in my earlier post.  Here, I'll blow it up and show it to you again so you'll know what you're entering for....

A beauty of an egg hook, albeit done in the old rounded bottom style.  This is a beautiful chatoyant "H" (5mm) eggstyle Jimbo hook that's 5 1/2 inches long.  Wanted to try an egg hook but hesitated to buy one?  Well if you are the chosen one, you'll get this one FREE!
I'm going to favor my followers by automatically entering them, but you don't need to be on the follower list to enter, just post a comment to this post.  If that doesn't work, simply email me with a little note telling me of your wish to enter the contest and I'll post your entry.  Only one entry per person, please.
We'll run the contest the same time as the auction above, with a drawing at 10pm Pacific Time on April 15th.
Thanks for all your patience and support!


Orris Family said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I am currently trying different hooks to prevent hand pain!

Cynthia Gohier said...

Lovely egg hook. Enter me please. Cindy Gohier

Vikki Hooks said...

Dang..I wanted to bid on the egg one!!!!

Jimbo said...

Please enter me into the contest to win your lovely egg hook.

Thank you.
via Jimbo

RB said...

Looks so beautiful. Enter me for a chance to win this hook. thanks

Shar Kudronowicz said...

Just what I think I need! Would love to try it.

Beth Major said...

Please enter me for a chance to win your gorgeous egg hook!
Beth Major

Jimbo said...

Hello Jimbo,

I am bidding for my wife. I have bought two from you and she LOVES them so I am back at it. Thank you for doing this!!

CrochetnQuilt said...

Love your hooks!

Brenda Schoen said...

Would love to have hook....also need to decide which one to bid on...

Brenda Schoen said...

Would love to have this...

Susan Wood said...

Please enter me in this giveaway. I would love to try out this egg hook! ~Susan Wood

Amanda Burnham said...

Hi Jimbo! Beautiful hook I would be so happy to try :)

Jimbo said...

Out of 536 entries including followers, the winning number is...#8! David who is bidding for his wife. David's wife is now owner of TWO egg hooks!!
Thanks all who entered!