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The auction is over!!  Winning bidders please consider using paypal by clicking on the little box in the left hand margin of this page.  It's labled "make a donation".  If you prefer another form of payment, please email me.  Also, please include $2.50 for shipping with your payment.  Thanks everyone for dropping by!Jimbo

I promised a new auction, so here we go!  These hooks are a sort of mish mash of different materials and technique.  The hooks labeled with letters have been turned by me on my lathe.  The numbered hooks below have been hand carved by me with my knife.  They're all beauties.
Lets start with the letter labeled hooks.
Hook A is way prettier than you see here (not to say that it isn't pretty here), mainly because you just can't photograph chatoyance.  The figured grain in this maple hook looks so deep and clear you'd think you  could see through it.  Truly beautiful.  It's a G (4.25mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long.
Hook B is an amazingly beautiful Cocobolo hook.  So pretty it nearly fetches a tear.  And it's made in a size you might not have, an M (9mm).  Eight inches tall and stunningly beautiful.
Hook C is a BIG fella but feather weight.  it's made of genuine Deadman Crick Red Fir that was hand selected by me in the woods behind the cabin.  It's another size you may not have.... a P (15mm).  Eight inches of Deadman Crick's best.
Hook D is a Yew J hook.  One unique hook, this one... with amazing grain color diversity and figure.  I LOVE this hook and hate to part with it but hay, a guy's gotta pay the bills and winter's coming on.  Besides it longs for a talented crochetier's hand.  This one is  7 3/4 inches long.
Hooks 1,2,3 and 4 are all made from the same branch of my beloved Tamarack.  Can't say enough kind things about Tamarack.  It's a tree that actually is a hard wood but with bark and aroma that make you think Fir.  Tamarack is the tree that turns a brilliant yellow/orange in the fall, sheds it's needles in the winter, and when it dies, gives us the best snapping and popping fire in the fireplace.  AND it makes perfectly good crochet hooks in larger sizes.  So what I did was cut a straight piece of branch wood about 9 inches long, then split is into 4 quarters lengthwise.  I then whittled the quartered pieces into the 4 hooks you see here.  The cambium layer was left in tact so you see the meandering little beetle trails (but the little bugs are long gone, I promise). Nifty!.  They vary a bit in size.  Hook 1 is an L (8mm); Hook 2 is 11mm (between an N and O); Hooks 3 and 4 are size N (10mm).  All of these hooks are about 7 1/2 inches long and, Their natural light weight,  Jimbo style thumb rest and semi triangular shape in cross section, bode well for hours of comfortable crochet.
So lets get this started!  You can send me bids by email here .  Please increase bids by $5 minimum increments and be aware that tying bids will be resolved in favor of the first arrived email.  We'll run the auction for one week, ending it on Sept. 24 at 10pm Pacific Time.  I will try to post bids as they come in but am not at the computer at all times.  Not to worry though.  Your bids will be posted.
Thanks for dropping by, and lets get those bids pouring in!

Hook A:
Mona is here with $20
David's bid is $25
Mona takes it to $30
Undeterred, David goes to $35

Hook B: ($45 bid minimum please)
Doug's in with $50

Hook C:
Carla likes the look of this one:  $25

Hook D:
Doug is bidding $20
Diana takes it to $25
Doug goes to $40
Diana's dueling it out..$55

Hook 1
Mona too, for $20
Diana's here with $25
Barbara goes to $35
Diana comes back with $40

Hook 2
Carrie goes $25

Hook 3
Anamaria's bid is $20

Hook 4
David's going $20

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