Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hooks! New Auction, NEW hooks!! auction is over

this auction is over!  thanks to all bidders and everyone who dropped by.  Auction winners please consider using paypal by clicking on the "make a donation" box in the left hand margin of this blog page.  Thanks to all!  Hope to bring more soon.
oh, and a NEW entry for your bidding enjoyment..
Just the COOLEST hook in the WORLD (made by my grandson, Clinton)

Get your bidding paddles out, another Jimbo hook auction is on it's way!  

Aw geez, this is the second time I've had to write this post.  The first one went away through the either into the vast land of lost Jimbo posts.  Totally frustrating when you have an auction all ready to start, then loose the whole thing and have to start over.  Whining.  Ok, I'll stop and move on.  Again.

Lets start from the left hand side and call that hook #1

Hook #1 is made of Thunder Plum.  The tree is a local landscape ornamental but makes just beautiful hooks.  This one was allowed to keep a bit of its bark, just cause it's so pretty and the contrast is distinctive.  The hook's an H (5mm) and it's about 7.5 inches long.

Hook #2 is one that began life as a beautiful red barked tree limb stretching out over the rugged coast of  the Pacific.  It's Madrone, one of the nicest crochet hook woods around, and oooh so pretty with some really tiny grain figure in the knot highlight.  Tiny shapes hide until you look really close, then little images begin to pop out.  The closer you look, the more you see.  This very entertaining hook is an I (5.5mm) and is also about 7.5 inches long)

Now for the NEW hooks!!  Ever want the comfort of a Jimbo hook but just didn't find one small enough for your needs?  Well wait no more!  These hooks are a very nice combination of "Pony" brand coated aluminum hooks and Jimbo handles.  I've been looking at "Pony" brand hooks and find they are VERY well made.  They remind me a bit of the Boye style hook head but not so pronounced and, in my view, are easier to use.  They're not "in line" hooks, mind you, but not full blown Boye style hooks either... more like the best of both.  Definitely worth a try.... and so we have

Hook #3.  It's a "Pony" 3mm (between a Bates size C and D) with a Padauk Jimbo handle.  Beautiful wood, Padauk, but it doesn't like to become tiny size crochet hooks because it's a bit brittle and the hook heads will snap easily in smaller sizes.  No more.  This hook has a nifty coated aluminum "Pony" shank, neck and head.... small but strong for YEARS of comfy crochet. The overall length is 7.5 inches

Hook #4 is another match made in crochet heaven.  Red Fir from up on the Ranch comes to my hook making tools in the form of dead branches... a TOTALLY renewable resource.  It's just a wee bit soft for tiny hooks, but has just beautiful grain and color.  AND it's lightweight!  So combine all those nice attributes with a high quality coated aluminum hook and you have a 7.5 inch size C (2.75mm) hook that will practically float in your hand.  mmmmmmmm 

Hook #5 is similar to #4 but is a bit smaller.... it's a size B (2.25mm) and is 7 inches of teensy hook heaven.

Bytheway... I'll be making up more of these in other sizes too IF the ones at auction here sell well.  We'll see how things go.

Hook #6 is already sold.  It's going away to one of the most talented threadies I know, Dixie Redhead.  Just wanted to show it off.  It's a Boye #8 steelie in a Jimbo fir handle.

Hook #7 is a Jimbo Egg style hook, made of good ole Maple, from one of the Bush Maples up on the Ranch.  Wonderful hook wood, Maple, and AMAZINGLY comfortable egg hook shape combine to make a hook that should allow you to crochet without pain if you have finger pain issues.  The hook is held in the palm by the pinkie and ring fingers, freeing the other fingers for the yarn work.  I get lots of great comments on the comfort of these hooks.  This one is an H (5mm) and it's about 5 inches long.

Ok there you have it.  Lets start this auction now and let it run till 10pm Pacific, next Wednesday (January 30).  You can email me your bids here and I will try to post them as they come in.  Please increase bids by a minimum of $5.  Tying bids will be resolved in favor of the first received bid.

And thanks again for stopping by!

Hook 1
Willow's here with $15
Paula says $20
Willow's back with $25

Hook 2
Willow goes $15
Michele bumps it up to $20

Hook 3
Mary's in with $20

Hook 4
Paula's first with $20

Hook 5
Arabelle goes $20

Hook 6 (sold)

Hook 7
Georgiana bids $15 (thanks, bytheway for correcting my "month" error... twould be a LONG auction if it indeed ran to July 30... must have been dreaming of warmer weather)
Michele takes it up a bit.. $20

Hook 8....better bid quick!  Oh, and if you live in a warm climate, well it's up to you but twer me, I'd hesitate bidding more than a couple hunnert.  (heh)  Just kidding, guys, it's not for sale.  Clinton, on the other hand....   heh just kidding again.  He's Priceless.
Lets just see how anyone can outbid Paula.... she's in for..... infinity!  Beat THAT!

Oh!  And here's a special treat!  Jacqui sent me a photo (sorry if it shows up sideways, but I couldn't make it go upright).  She made this beautiful head band with one of her Jimbo hooks.  Talented, that Jacqui!


DixieRedHead said...

oh Jim~ It is gorgeous! I cannot wait to hold it, and love it, and use it oh ho ho! THanks bunches

Mary said...

Jim!These are great & I too cannot wait for mine! It's awesome and I have a blanket edge project that is going to be perfect to use this hook on! Yay! Keep the new hooks coming!