Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hooks for the Holidays Auction

First off..... a Crimmis Hook giveaway!  My gift to you.  Simply post a comment to this blog post or email me your wishes at  to enter the Crimmis Hook giveaway and you'll have a chance to win (ONE entry per person, please).  I'll do a drawing on Dec. 9th at 10pm to announce the winner.  Bytheway, "Crimmis" is how my middle son used to pronounce Christmas when he was a tike.   The hook?  Well it's made of Maple and has a REAL blue Christmas light bulb mounted at the heel end.  The bulb is removable with a gentle twist.  And the hook is a size K (6.5mm).  Wisht I could make Crimmis hooks for EVERYBODY but there's only so much time, you know.  Want another chance???  There's one more Jimbo Crimmis hook for your Christmas crocheting being given away at  Enter here, enter there... double your chances!


In order not to distract from the contest by adding a new post, I'm editing to include the latest auction here.  We have five brand new hooks up for bids and we'll make is a short one so the hooks might find their way to someone's stocking hung by the chimbly with care.
So lets run this till Dec. 13th and end it at 10pm on that date.  Unless the hooks are sent outside the USA, there should be enough time for them to arrive in time for Christmas.
So here's the hooks!

Just had to add a shot of the little ornaments I made for friends.. a wine cork reindeer with stick antlers. 
Ok enough showing off.  Here come some amazing hooks for your bidding pleasure.

Top hook (#1) is made of Zebra wood (like you didn't know?)  Its striking grain contrast is just incredible, and it's an H (5mm) with a length of 8 1/4 inches.

Next hook down (#2) is one that photos can't do justice to.  It's made of Bloodwood and oh the chatoyance (depth of visible grain) is amazing.  It's a size 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long.

#3 from the top is a strikingly beautiful example of Jobilla heart/sap wood contrast.  Blond to a beautiful rust brown.  It's a G (4mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long.

#4 is made of Cocobolo, one of THE most beautiful and costly woods around. Its another one that you really can't appreciate till you hold it in your hands.  Complex grain figure and color highlight this amazing H (5mm) hook that tips the tape at 7 3/4 inches long.

#5 is from the last of my Flamewood and is another that you can't fully appreciate from the photos.  I keep telling you that, and it might seem like a little hype, but I promise you I have LOTS of reports back from LOTS of hooks I've sold that the wood is so much prettier than the photos show... I just can't capture the best of the grain in a still photo.)  Anyways this is one of those prettier than the picture hooks.  Theres very subtle grain here that (unlike black ebony) shows as a deep purple when the blank is sanded (and this one has been sanded to a glass surface).  Its just a very elegant hook in the ever popular size H (5mm).  It's a long slender shapely 8 inches long.

You can email me your bids at and I'll post them as they come in. Tie bids will be decided by the earliest email posted. Please bid in $5.00 + increments.  Also please come back often as I'm frantically working to keep up and may be able to add a few more hooks to the auction before it closes.  Also if you have a wish for a particular hook, I might be able to do a custom order or two before Christmas.

As always, THANK you for dropping by!

New Auction BIDS:

Hook #1:
Joyce goes $20
Barbara bids it up to $30
Joyce is back with $35

Hook #2:
Charlene bids $20
Michele goes to $25
Willow takes it to $30
Charlene says $35

Hook #3:
Denise is in for $25

Hook #4:
Denise bids $25
Michele bumps it up to $30
Barbara jumps in with $40
Denise goes to $45

Hook #5:
Paula   $25
Charlene bids $30
Michele ties the bid at $30 but
Paula breaks the tie and goes to $35
Michele goes to $40
Charlene says $45



Here's your chance to bid on other Jimbo hooks....   (click on the photos for greater detail).  Details about auction rules are located below the photos and provenance.

Hook #1
This is a first.  I sometimes have a little wood left over from making other hooks, and some of that wood is just way too valuable and beautiful to waste... so I save it.  This hook is made from two amazingly beautiful pieces of wood,  Bois de Rose comprises the rosewood handle.  Bois de Rose is said to be the most beautiful wood in the world.  I can't argue the point and if you could see this hook up close you'd probably agree.  And the working end, shank and head is made from some of the best hook wood I've found, German Plum.  The two are joined together with a part of the joinery showing at the thumb rest recess as you can see in the top picture.  A unique one of a kind hook in a 7mm size (between a size K and L).  Oh and it's 7 1/2 inches long.

Hook #2
This N (10mm) hook is made of Red Heart.  Strong, lightweight and BEAUTIFUL grain.  You can click to enlarge the photo, but really need to see this one in your hand to fully appreciate the beautiful figure and grain color.  Need more be said?  Oh yes.  This hook is 7 3/4 inches long.

Hook #3
I'm a little puzzled by the wood in this hook.  It looks alot like some apricot that I once made a hook from a few years back, but didn't think I had any more of that particular wood left.  But boy am I glad this chunk turned up.  The grain is spectacular... another one you need to see up close to believe.  You don't see it in the picture, but there's a little part of the grain that's a bluish color.. a little added treat.  This hook is another 7mm (that rare size between a K and an L), and is 7 1/2 inches long.

Hook #4

This beauty is made of Panamanian Rosewood, a very pretty and very durable wood that is sooooo smooth to the touch.  Not that all Jimbo hooks aren't smooth.  It's just that some woods just take a polish a little better than others.  This is one of those.  You'll see.  It's a size 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long.

Hook #5

Actually this hook is sold already but I had to show it to you anyways.  Its a style I developed several years ago to fit the palm and ring finger for a comfortable grip.  The shank and head taper gently from a size I at the head to about an L near the grip.  The neck is a wee bit shorter than normal to ease loop slippage, all to allow lots of variability for freeform work.  It's made of good ole Deadman Crick Apple and is oh about 5.5 inches long.

Ok now about bidding.  I'll run the auction quicker for those wishing to make these Christmas gifts... So we'll close the auction at 10pm on Dec. 2.  You can email me your bids at  and I'll post them as they come in.  Tie bids will be decided by the earliest email posted.  Please bid in $5.00 + increments.
Also please come back often as I may be able to add a few more hooks to  the auction (several are in the works and might be finished soon).

And thanks!!

BIDS (from the old auction):

Hook #1
Denise bids $40 (sold)

Paula's here with $20
Lisa bumps it up to $25
Paula comes back with $30

Denise goes $25 (sold)

Hook #4
Paula goes $20 (sold)

and don't forget to enter to win the Crimmis Hook!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jimbo, there's a praise on your needles (although in German, but maybe you can read it with google translate)

and what i do with them

Gale Cooney said...

I just can't believe you Jim! You are a most generous man. You can bet I'm going to blog about this! Happy Holidays, Jim from one of your many, many fans.

CrochetnQuilt said...

The Blue light bulb is the best. Your work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Holiday.

principeta said...

Love the hook,blue is my fav color.Hope to win it,thank you for the chance.

Anonymous said...

The bulb idea is just genious. my wish? peace in everyones heart.

Karin Ishibashi said...

Wow, your hooks are amazing. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

Christel Sheridan said...

I have not been familiar with your work before today. Your hooks are simply beautiful. I would love an opportunity to crochet with one! I'll be bookmarking your blog and coming back to look in the future.

jarofmayo said...

Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway! Your hooks are beautiful.

Shar said...

As a very satisfied customer many times, you continue to amaze me. Would love to be a winner of the crismis hook!

Jimbo said...

I am interested in joining the drawing. What good fun!

Cindi Kunkle
via jimbo

InJuneau said...

What beautiful crochet hooks! Please enter me to win (then I'm back to booboos, who sent me here, to enter at her sait too!).

Donna Hardey said...

Jimbo, this is the first I've seen of your beautiful crochet hooks. Your attention to detail certainly reflects your upbringing by Bootie. She sounds like a wonderful person. Cherish your memories, and continue your beautiful work. I hope to one day have one of your hooks. Donna

Teresa said...

I would love to be entered in your Crismis hook drawing. What a beautiful hook!

Kathleen said...

Jim, your hooks are beautiful! I would love to win one in the Crimmis drawing. Thanks! I don't use the email I signed with, so if I'm the lucky one, please contact me at

lanelynn said...

Hey Jimbo, I live in UK so does this exclude me from the fab crochet hook giveaway? xxx

Jimbo said...

I absolutely would think I was in heaven if I could crochet with one of your beautiful hooks! Please add my name to the list of hopefuls! Thank you for being so generous with your talents. My Crochetville name is: jolena

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Jolena (v9a jimbo)

Heather said...

Your hooks are beyond lovely... and my little boys say "Crimmis" too. :)

Jimbo said...

Entries are welcome from anywhere in the world! Jimbo hooks LOVE to travel to the UK, and Germany, and Australia, and....

Jimbo said...

Denise would like to win the Crimmis hook.
(via jimbo)

ljlaffitte said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! Those hooks are beautiful and I want to win one for my daughter-in-law who started crocheting a year ago! Thank you!!

Linda Rumsey said...

What a beautiful hook. I am new to crochet but am sure that a beautiful hook wil make for beautiful work!

Tonya Daniel said...

Really amazing talent by making these hooks from wood. I really like the darker wood looking ones but they are all so beautiful. You are very generous by sharing them by having these giveaways.

sunwyn said...

Beautiful hook... would love to win one.

missmaxx said...

Merry Crimmis Jimbo!

Melissa said...

It is amazing that a piece of wood can be carved into something so functional yet beautiful.

coutrymom said...

Amazing hooks, just found you blog. Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

coutrymom said...

Amazing hooks. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sherri said...

I would have loved bidding on the #5 hook thats right up my ally so to speak. Please enter me into your contest I would love to crochet with that during the holidays.

Stephanie B. said...

Love the Crimmis hook Jimbo, so much, hope I can get this one, would love to use it.

Sadie said...

Oh those hooks are just wonderful! I'd sure like my name to be added for the Crimmis Hook giveaway.


Theresa Gustafson said...

Hi Jimbo! I remember reading about your Crochet hooks a few years ago after my son was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia. I recently started crocheting again and remembered your made Chop-Hooks for FARA in the past. Anyway,I love your hooks, they are beautiful! The Crimmis hooks is very cute with the blue "light bulb" too! BTW, do you still make the Chop-Hooks?

Shirley said...

What wonderful hooks! I've never used a wooden hook so I'd love to win one.

Jimbo said...

Theresa, yes I do still make Chophooks, and if you're interested in doing a fund raiser, I'd be happy to donate some. Please email me, we'll make plans.

Jimbo said...

I would love to give this hook to a crochet friend if I could bear to give it away.

Rita (via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

Thanks. Very nice of you to do the contest.
Bailey (via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight

Thanks for doing this Jimbo!
Frogmom (via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

I am very impressed with your crochet hooks and would to enter the competition. I hope this is the right way to enter. Many thanks
Amanda (via Jimbo)

carmelvineyard said...

It's the last day, but I love your Crimmis hooks- the bulbs are so fun! Please enter me in the contest! :)

blueat40 said...

What a generous man you are Jimbo! Blue is my favorite color and your hook is absolutely delightful. Please enter me in the Crimmis drawing!

Jimbo said...

That hook would just light up my life while crocheting Crimmas gifts that's for sure. Would love to be entered.

Happy holidays, Peggy
(via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

nooooo, Carmelvineyard, the contest ends on the 9th... the AUCTION ends tonight.
Thanks for entering though.

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful hook! Please include me in the drawing. How generous of you. Merry Christmas!

Now Am Found! said...

your hooks are gorgeous, and they look like they would feet so warm and smooth. thanks for a beautiful blog

Krocheter said...

I have purchased several of your hooks over the years and love them Crimmis hooks you have done...what a one to add to a collection!!

Jimbo said...

Howdy Jimbo

Just wanted to see if I can entered in the hook giveaway.

Love my G hook I purchased from you awhile ago and use it all the time.

We go crazy in our house each year decorating the house inside/outside for Christmas. This would be a perfect addition!!!! I could celebrate Christmas all year long with the trendy hook.

Thank you.

May you and yours have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year !!
Lorraine (via Jimbo)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hooks - I love them all, especially the Hook #5.

Jimbo said...

Hello there Jimbo

I would like to enter your contest for the holiday hook.

Thanks and I hope you have a great holiday

Kathy (via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Crimmis. I purchased one of your hooks for my wife for Christmas last year and she loved it. You do wonderful work, and it was a beautifully crafted piece of art that was also incredibly functional. I would like to enter to win this lovely Crimmis hook you've posted on your site.

Thanks for your art,


Jimbo said...


I would love to enter to win this beautiful hook. Thank you for that chance.


Jimbo said...

Merry Christmas Jimbo!!!
Love all your beautiful hooks,


susanmay77 said...

I can't resist the chance to win a handcrafted hook! Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

Cherry Lane said...

I'm sorry I missed the auction for hook #1 - what a beaut! - but I love the Crimmis hook, too.

thehappycrochetchic said...

I actually have new hooks on my holiday wish list, this one is just beautiful!

SpringSplndr said...

I would love to win one of your hooks. Everything I have read and heard about your hooks has convinced me to hint to hubby for a Christmas present. Happy Holidays!

Jimbo said...

Thank you SpringSplndr! You can have your hubby contact me for hooks. I don't have an auction running right now but have several hooks in the works that should be finished in time for Christmas.

Jimbo said...

I would like to enter the contest to win a Crimmis hook. Thank you.

(via Jimbo)

Minimower said...

I would love the chance of winning one of your beautiful hooks, if you don't mind posting across the pond if I'm lucky enough to win

Stormbat said...

Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win one of your pretty hooks Jimbo, I'm in the UK is it okay for me to enter too please

Whisper said...

Please enter me Jimbo, I would love to win one of your hooks

Adelina said...

Wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful hook!

Unknown said...

I have admired your hooks for so long. The blue light bulb is both whimsical and beautiful. Thank you for your generosity in doing this giveaway. May you find peace and joy in this holiday season.

C. said...

That hook is gorgeous!

Happy holidays to you, your family, and the rest of the commenters. =D

Gina said...

It's so cool that you got a real bulb on there! Someday, when I have extra money, I'm going to buy one of your hooks.

Jimbo said...

Thank you Jimbo for offering entry to your give-away via email, I do not crochet but I have a very close friend to whom I would love to gift the hook if I'm the very lucky person to win it
kind regards Chris
(via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

I would like to enter the contest to win a Crimmis hook. Thank you.

Donna (via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

I would love to enter your contest. That hook looks wonderful. It is my favorite size and color. Thanks for the opportunity.
(via Jimbo)

katie metzroth said...

missed the auction. but am in time for the contest. all your hooks look lovely as usual. :)

Deb said...

I loved your Bootie post. Reminded me of my Grandma.

What should I use a Crimmas hook for ? Only for Crimmas hats, I think.

Amy said...

Oh boy! A Crimmis hook! I love those old style bulbs. They remind me of my youth. Thanks for the contest, Jimbo!

cbk said...

Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful hook, Hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!

deborah said...

very beautiful work - love the way you showcase such lovely woods in a useful item!

Jimbo said...

have admired your hooks for so long. The blue light bulb is both whimsical and beautiful. Thank you for your generosity in doing this giveaway. May you find peace and joy in this holiday season."

Technology was hating me yesterday. So sorry about that. I just wanted to make sure that I was actually entered because I'd hate to miss my chance.

I also wanted to add that I read about your sister Bootie yesterday and was both saddened by your loss and excited by your experiences with her. Everyone should have someone who can see the beauty in the simple things that we overlook so regularly. I lost my sister two years ago in January and the thing I remember about her most was her ability to look at simple things and see more. We grew up poor and toys were few and far between. She made doll furniture out of toothpicks and glue--really impressive doll furniture. She had been told by my parents that it would never work and would never last but it didn't stop her. We found cans and bottles and returned them for the $0.05 deposit then bought toothpicks and Elmer's glue. She made a table and chairs, two beds, a chest, a cradle--so many little pieces of furniture. We would play dolls together for hours and I still have one of those chairs almost forty years later. She taught me to look at things with a creative eye--to see the possibilities and not to listen when people told me it would never work. I hope your memories of Bootie keep her spirit alive in you and bring you comfort the way my sister's memories do.

Happy holidays,

(via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

I’m sure there’s nothing better than crocheting a beautiful creation with a one-and-only Jimbo hook! Your creations are both practical and beautiful.

Please enter me in your blog contest for the Crimmis hook. I’ve been a fan for years, waited too long for one of your egg hooks and I keep missing out on the bidding….

I’m a crocheter with small hands and I’m looking for a “perfect fit” for my ergonomic crochet needs. The Clovers are the best hooks of the moment, but the plastic handle drives me crazy after awhile. One of these days I hope to get lucky.

Merry Crimmis to you and yours!

In crochet,

(via Jimbo)

Tracy Settle said...

what a beautiful opportunity to win one of your hooks! Good luck everyone!

Therese said...

Please enter me in your hook contest, I would love to win that beautiful hook!

Debbie said...

Wow these are fantastic...

crafty chrissy said...

Would love to win the blue bulb hook!

Lona Lou said...

Wow your hooks are beautiful! I really love the rosewood. Wonderful work.

bonnie said...

Such beautiful workmanship. It would be an honor to use one of your wonderful hooks.

catalpacasa said...

Oooo, I want in on this please? I have never used a wooden hook before .... eeeeee ..... the excitement!!


kastex said...

I am really taken with your hooks!! And would love to have one this year. My birthday is Christmas Eve and I'd really like one!!

Jimbo said...

Hello, please enter me in the drawing for the Crimmis Hook, thank you! Hope your porch project goes well! Linda

"For the gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him." Ezra 8:22
(via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

Your hooks are lovely. I would love to win one. I saw your give-away on Moogly's Facebook. I had never seen your hooks before, but now I'm hooked on them (pun intended).
Thank you very much for entering me into your give-away.
(via Jimbo)

The Craftopus said...

I absolutely adore your beautiful and eclectic buch of crochet hooks! It would make my christmas to be able to win one of my very own!
Thank you for running such a fantastic blog!

Hally McHugh said...

Your hooks are quite beautiful! The shape is quite interesting and looks like it would be much more ergonomic for someone with arthritis. I've tried many hooks and would love to see how these feel in my hand. Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

Gigi Lee said...

These hooks are tremendous. Of course not so many of us could afford these beauties but this contest gives us a chance to own something special. Thanks so much.

Jimbo said...

Please enter my name for the crochet hook drawing.
Thank you.
(via jimbo)

ripplestitchkin said...

I'd love a hook, too, she said, squeaking under the wire.

Jimbo said...

Please put my name in that hat!

(via Jimbo)

donna kay Lacey said...

Hi - have you ever thought of making a bullion hook? Many of my crochet designs use the bullion stitch and I have had lots of people asking for a specialized hook. I think there was a company than made some for thread years ago, but we most use larger hooks 4.5 mm etc... Lovely work! Beautiful hooks. Glad you explained what crimmis was. Thought I was missing out on a special holiday! hehehe

Jimbo said...

Yes, Donna Kay, I have made Bullion hooks. In fact I had an amazing time with Bonnie Pierce, the "Bullion Queen" working up a specialized bullion hook head design. So yes.. I love to make bullion hooks!

InJuneau said...


Thank you for giving a hook to Gale to giveaway. I won it! I'm looking forward to receiving it and relearning how to crochet. I can't imagine a more beautiful tool to do that with.

Minimoek said...

Hi Jimbo, no I did not participate in your give-away. Thank you for your time and good luck with your quest. Happy holidays, greetings Linda

Minimower said...

Hi Jimbo, I have only just found out that I have won this,I'm super excited, thank you so much,for your generosity I will send you an email with my snail mail addy

Melisa said...

Lovely hooks!