Thursday, September 13, 2012

International Crochet Day auction is OVER!...

Thanks to everyone who bid and who dropped by to take look at my most recent hooks.  More to come soon.  For now, please check the bottom of this post to see if your bid was the highest.  Those with the highest bids can pay using paypal by clicking on the little box labled "make a donation" in the left hand margin of this blog page.  Those who would like to pay otherwise, please email me.
Thanks once again to everyone!

these are genuine Jimbo Deadman Crick Egg hooks and they're so comfortable to hold, you'll almost swoon.  And they're in sizes that beg to be used on big projects like rag rug making or very open work. 

Lets call this one HOOK A>>>The hook on the left is a Tamarack hook with a bit of bark left on to show the amazing character of this tree.  It's the smallest of the bunch at a Bates size N (10mm) and 5 3/4 inches long.

How bout we call this one HOOK B>>>The middle egg hook is bigger.. and made of Deadman Crick Hazel Nut.  It's a P (15mm) and 5 3/4 inches long.

Moving along to HOOK C>>>The right hook (and it packs some punch) is the biggest of the bunch, weighing in at a size R (17.5mm) and a whopping (for an egg hook), 6 5/8 inches long.  It's made of a highly figured and beautiful Deadman Crick Bush Maple.

and now...

 We move on to the Peace Hook that was in the International Crochet Day contest.  It's made of the tree of peace..Olive wood and is a Bates size H  (5mm).  Beautifully figured, this amazing hook is 7 3/4 inches of beautiful figured grain.  We'll call it HOOK D.

And the grand finale:  Hook E (for E-gads this is one beautiful hook!)

And at last we come to the hook made from "the most beautiful wood in the world"  Bois de Rose.  Would you believe the top picture and bottom picture are of the same hook?  Its the difference between outdoor natural light and indoor flash... but the idea I'm trying to get across is that this hook is difficult to photograph in a way to do justice to it's beauty.  Believe it, this wood is just incredible and the new owner will see what I mean.  Too pretty for photos.  It's an I (5.5mm) and is 7 3/4 inches long.

Now as promised, we'll put this hook up for bids. Please email your bids ($5 increments, please) to    We'll run the auction for this week, ending at 10pm Pacific Time on Sept. 20th . Any tied bids will be settled in favor of the earlier entry. I'm not at the computer all the time, but will try to post bids as soon as they come in.

Thanks again to all who entered the contest!  It's always fun to celebrate crochet!


Hook A
Marty goes $10
Christie bids $20
Mireya bids it up to $25

Hook B
Sandie likes this one:  $15
Maureen bumps us up to $20

Hook C
Sherri bids $15
Marty ups it to $20
Sherri comes back with $25
Marty's back with $30

Hook D
Stephanie goes $10
Lisa bids $15
Marty again at $20
Maureen for $25
Marty with $30
Marueen bounces back with $35

Hook E (minimum starting bid $45 please)
Mary didn't see the opening bid minimum but we'll go ahead and post her bid of $10 anyways..
Marty!  $45

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