Monday, March 19, 2012

Jimbo hooks... FOR SALE!

  Oops, I forgot to mention in my heading that I also have an AMAZING Nostepenne up for sale.  This incredible piece is made from a chunk of spalted Aspen, taken from the little Aspen grove behind the cabin on the Ranch.  It's an amazing piece that I've had around awhile just because I like to look at the grain patterns.  Ah but I need to pay an arborist a bunch of money to take out a couple of trees that are leaning toward the cabin.  I really don't like to take live trees, but there's really no choice.  If the wind blows too hard, and it does blow up quite a zepher at times, either tree could break and land smack on the roof of the cabin.  So.... I decided to let go of some favorite items to cover the costs.  This Noste is a good size; about 10 1/2 inches long with a working shank of 5 1/2 inches.  The small end is about an inch in diameter.
Price:  $45.00

Here's a hook you won't find anywhere else, or at least none that I know of are made anywhere but on Jimbo's digs.  It's made from a shed branch of a genuine Deadman Crick Tamarak (Western Larch) and it's just beautiful, the honey color of the grain, the soft swirls and little knots.  And the finish is so smooth.... well it's just hard to put down.  Now this is a BIG hook.  It's roughly 1 1/4 inches in diameter and 8 1/2 inches long with a gently reduced handle for an easy grip.  Now here's a hook that will eat up some stash! 
Price:  $45.00

It's been awhile since I've made any egg hooks, and I'm amazed that they aren't HUGELY popular beca use in my humble view, they are the most comfortable, easy to use hooks ever.  Now I understand that folks who use the underhand (pencil) grip exclusively might not like to hold a hook like this in the palm, but for the overhand (toothbrush) grippers, these hooks should be a godsend for comfort.  They are made again from genuine Deadman Crick wood, Bush Maple, I believe.  The hook on the left is the smaller of the two, at a touch over 5 inches long and it's an H (5mm).  The right hook (no I'm not talking boxing, heh)  is a bit bigger.  It's about 5 1/2 inches long and is an I (5.5mm).  If you're an overhand gripper and have hand pain, these hooks are well worth a try.
Price:  $25 each or both for $45  BOTH ARE SOLD

And here comes a rare beauty that defies my camera.  The wood is VERY dark except for that little distinctive accent near the thumb rest.  The hook is made from what I believe is in the Ebony family but I'll confess to not being sure.  It's definately dark enough to be Ebony, but there are other woods I've worked with that are as dark.  I'd know for sure, but this piece just kind of popped up when I was going through my hook blanks.  This piece is so pretty that I made the heel end flat so you can stand it up for display.  Beautiful, but useful, it's a size 7 (4.5mm), and is a bit over 7 3/4 inches long.
Price:  $65  SOLD and winging it's way to BRAZIL!!

Another beauty!  This one is Cocobolo and the grain in this hook is easy to see, as is the color, and it's a knock out!  What's fascinating about this hook is how the grain follows the curvature of the thumb rest, or should I say how the thumb rest curvature follows the grain; like it was meant to be.  I like to think it was.  Another piece of wood so pretty that I made a flat heel so it can stand on display.  This one is an F (3.75mm) and is near 8 1/2 inches long.
Price:  $65  SOLD

And now for something totally new to the Jimbo Hook repatwar... a RED hook.  Well ok a RED and PINK hook.  Where do you find a naturally occuring red and pink Ribboned Maple?  You don't!  That's right, I dyed the wood red.  Normally staining wood goes seriously agains MY grain, but dye isn't about covering up the grain.  Dye, at least this particular dye doesn't coat the wood, it is absorbed into the grain and simply changes the color.  So yes, it is a bit of a transgression of my purist, let the grain speak for itself principles, but I think you'll like what you see and once in hand, you'll be amazed at the optical "chatoyance" of this hook.  And if you're fond of pink, well this hook will be a treasured heirloom for you.  Now a hook like this would be phenominal in nature due to it's ribbon grain, but the contrast between light and dark areas is just so much more significantly accented by the dye that it's just a wonder to behold.  We'll have to see how much this hook appeals because of the price.  The dying and finishing process increased more than twice the normal time it takes to make a "non" dyed hook.  Oh, and the size?  (yes it's totally functional)  This bedazzling beauty is an I (5.5mm) and it's 7 3/4 inches long)
Price: $75  SOLD

Finally another approach that I've not done before.  Here is a handle for a thread hook.  I'll insert the thread hook of the buyer's choice after purchase.  Thread hooks come in many sizes and shapes, so it ocurred to me that it might be nice for a threadie to dictate what hook would be most useful and I'll do my best to accomodate.  The handle is a beauty, made of Cocobolo and at this point does not have a thumb rest (another feature that will be the choice of the buyer).  The handle is a touch over 5 1/2 inches long so when the metal hook is mounted, the assembly will be about 7 1/2 inches long).
Price:  $35 plus cost of metal hook

There you have it for now..  I have more hooks but will save them for an auction coming soon.... so if you don't see something here you can't live without, take heart; more will be appearing soon.

To buy:  These pieces are one-off (what you see is what's available), so the sale of each piece will go o the first buyer who emails me of their intent at

Thanks for your patience.  I know it's been awhile since I've posted and hope to be better in the future.

And thanks for dropping by!


Néia Guimarães said...

olá Jimbo
como faço para adquirir um estojo de agulhas,como o da Sonia maria,adoro croche e acompanho o blog dela a pouco tempo e me encantei com o estojo que mandaste no dia dos namorados,aguardo sua resposta obrigada néia

Néia Guimarães said...

olá Jimbo
como faço para adquirir um estojo de agulhas,como o da Sonia maria,adoro croche e acompanho o blog dela a pouco tempo e me encantei com o estojo que mandaste no dia dos namorados,aguardo sua resposta obrigada néia