Thursday, February 09, 2012

Happy Valentines Day Hook contest WINNER IS>> TABITHA

We have a WINNER!!  Tabitha was lucky number 38, which was chosen by a random number generator.  Tabitha, please email me at with your mailing info and I'll get the Valentiny hook to you asap.  Thank you all for participating!  Hope everyone's Valentine Day was the best ever!

Of the two hooks shown in the picture, one is to be given away for Valentine's day, cause I like you so much.  The other is just showing off because it's already sold (custom order).  So which one is the Valentine hook?  You have to guess.  Tough one, eh?  Ok I'll give you a hint.  The Valentine hook is made of Padauk, the custom order, show off hook is made of Cocobolo.  Another hint?  Ok.  The Valentine hook has a sort of Valentiny decoration.  Cinchy, right?
Ok so here's how you do the contest.  Simply leave  a comment (one entry per person, please) here in my blog or if that doesn't work for you, you can email me your Valentiney entry at .  I'll do a random number generator drawing somewhere in the vicinity of 10pm Pacific Time on Valentine's day and select the winner. 
Oh bytheway, the hook is a 7mm, between a K and an L, so it's not likely you already have one, but it's one you really really need becaue there's such a gap between the K and L sizes.

Oh and if you're here for the auction, it's in the post below this one.

Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day!



Phyllis said...

I've recently found your blog and work. I don't currently have any custom or handmade hooks. I found your blog through another that features the nice collection of another crochet enthusiast.

I've looked at several of your posts and your work is beautiful.


Kidget29 said...

I would love to have a Jimbo Hook!!!

Deb said...

Love the Valentine hook Jimbo and would love to have the opportunity to own this beauty!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely gorgeous hooks!

Nicole said...

I'd love to win this Jimbo! You're awesome! :) I did actually know which one was the Valentine's hook due to the wood hint. I didn't even need the second hint. :P It's only because I have an obsession with wood hooks.

mireya said...

Both hooks are beautiful. Thank you for the contest. Happy (early)Valentines Day. ^_^

Skoggy said...

What an absolutely gorgeous hook!!! I'd love to be in the running for it.
Thank you Jimbo!

Bailey said...

Beautiful hooks. Thanks for the Valentine's hint.

carmelvineyard said...

I love the heart ended hook! Recently I had to look all over for a 7mm hook, too, so I really appreciate that. :) Thank you for giving it away!

Jolena said...

I just love the way you make each one of your hooks unique. It would be so exciting to win one of your creations. Thanks for the chance to own a Jimbo Hook!

Mel said...

I want the chance to win, too! I've spent a good deal of time drooling over the Jimbo hooks, and your generosity makes my heart go pitter-pat! :) Happy Valentine's Day!! <3

Shanny said...

Very lovely. Happy valentine's day, Jimbo!

Mary said...

I have seen your posts since I joined crochetville a few months ago.
I love wood hooks. I have a few in smaller letters that belonged to my
Grandmother. I would love to be
included in your drawing.

omlair said...

Lovely hooks, as usual! I'd love the chance to win :3

Sharon GARDNER said...

Beautiful work! I've admired your hooks for a long time now but since the economy is being fickle at our house, the luxuries, like your beautiful hooks have to wait for a while. I wouldn't mind winning one though ;)

Debra said...

Leaving my comment in hopes of winning that amazing Valentine's Day Hook to add to my collection of Jimbo Hooks! I love my Jimbo hooks. The wider girth and shapely curve of the hook go a long way to easing tired and arthritic fingers! They are so very comfortable to crochet with, you can stick with a project longer and with more enjoyment! Thanks, Jimbo! My email is fldebra at aol dot com, even though my comments wind up being generated with my gmail account. I never check that mail.

jmo said...

As always- it's gorgeous! :) Thanks for the contest!

Juliana Noronha said...

Desejos de um lindo Valentines Day cheio de felicidades.
Um grande abraço

Michele Shirley said...

oh - I am so in on this one!

It's just gorgeous, Jimbo!


Shar said...

I would love to win your special heart hook. I HEART all your hooks!

Lorraine said...

It's always flowers, chcolates, and sexy (or unsexy) nighties for Valentine's Day.

Well they're all nice and all BUT our Jimbo here KNOWS what R-E-A-L-L-Y turns us women on!!! LOL

I just LOVE hearts--so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this hook!!!

Thanks Jimbo for a great giveaway and happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

annie said...

Would love to win your special Valentine hook. All your hooks are wonderful! Thanks Jimbo!

Jany said...

Hi Jimbo
Thank you for your generosity
I love your hooks
I learned a little about Padauk and Cocobolo wood, the color of padauk is beautiful
I love to crochet with it, please, count me in
Happy Valentine's Day!

Mom&Daughter_Crafters_Extraordinaire said...

I would love a chance to win one of your beautiful hooks
Thank you for your generous giveaway


Unknown said...

I would love to have a handmade Jimbo Hook!

Marty said...

As always your hooks are the best. I'd love to add the Valentine Hook to by Jimbo collection!


Maureen said...

Well, my eldest daughter's birthday is on Valentine's day, so it would be wonderful to win the hook with the HEART on the top!

Susan D said...

I would love one of your hooks, they are beautiful!

Lilly said...

Gorgeous hook as usual! I am always amazed at the hooks you make. They all are beautiful! I would love to enter!

Joanne said...

What a gorgeous hook and so very generous of you to offer it as a give-away! Happy Valentines Day to you!

KateCrafts said...

I love the hooks and the feel of wood. Thanks for the chance to win!

Charlotte said...

Jimbo! That was my little brother's nickname! And we say 'crick' also! 1953 was a great year for great people! Love to crochet and would be happy to own one of these beautiful hooks.

Krocheter said...

Between K and L!! And a heart!!

CrochetnQuilt said...

The Valetine hook is so cute! And the Cocobolo is just beautiful. Your work is fantastic. Keep them coming!

Michelle said...

beautiful hooks! I am really hoping I can win!

Cheryl said...

What a beauty! Please count me in for the drawing.

shannie_nae said...

I love your hooks.

Anonymous said...

Love the Valentine hook. It really is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

I love the Valentine hook (the one the left) - actually they are both beautiful!

Iesadora said...

MMMM.....pretty! Better then shiny LOL

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I would love to have a hook between a K and L. I find the L too large but since I have a tight tension, I sometimes want to have bigger stitches with my K hook. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

MysterJay said...

Beautiful work. Perhaps one day I will own one.

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Oh my! What beautiful hooks. Oh yeah, I would so want a Jimbo jumbo hook. Awesome work! You can count me in. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

cshort said...

That is a beautiful hook and such a generous gift. Thank you for offering it.

Stephanie B. said...

Wasn't sure if my comment made it through my phone so I am resending, sorry. feel free to delete this is if my other comment comes through.
I love the Valentine Hook, it looks like it would fit right in my hand and I would love to use it on my projects.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo, will you be my Valentine? I would love to have one of your hooks.

Gr8ful Momma said...

Oh that is lovely. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you!

melsdaisypatch said...

I would love to win that beautiful lite brown hook with the lovely hook on the end. Thanks so much and good luck to all.
Melsdaisypatch at gmail dot com

marpan79 said...

All of your work is beautiful Jimbo. I would be honored to own one of yours. It's very kind of you do to a giveaway.

Teresa said...

I would love to be the lucky one that gets picked. What a beauty, this hook is!

Vanessa said...

They are beautiful hooks and I have drooled over your hooks for a long time. I would love to have one of the infamous Jimbo hooks :)

Jimbo said...

Email comments:
My comment for you: Jimbo's crochet hooks - the best loved and most treasured hooks sold anywhere.

Hello Jimbo!
Found your "Front Porch" via the article about you in Crochet Accessories Magazine. Love your work! I tried to post a comment on the Valentine Giveaway, but for some reason it was having trouble with my LiveJournal ID. So here I am emailing you instead :)
Would love the chance to own the very unique hook you've created. I'm excited to see who wins it regardless! Hope you and your wife enjoy a lovely Valentines Day together!

From Lisa: Please enter my name for the hook! I left a comment on your blog but I don't see it in there. Thanks!

Hi there Jimbo
Thanks for the giveaway, It's so generous of you. I'd like to win the Valentine's day crochet hook, please if you can count me in,
Thanks a lot
Best regards

Hi Jimbo, I will pick my guess the first hook that has a Heart at the end. It is Beautiful and would like to be intered in the Valentiney entry, thanks for the drawing, its always fun.

Dear Jim,
I'm submitting my request to be entered in your Valentine give away contest,
via email. (edited to delete personal stuff)

Keep coming back to your page to look. I would love to have one of your hooks, and I am a local. Easy Delivery. LOL You could drop it off on the way up to Deadman.
Wendy (if you win, Wendy I'll do just that!)

Jimbo said...

More Email comments:

Hi Jimbo,
I would like a chance to be entered in the giveaway

Please enter me for the valentine hook. Valentine 's Day is also my 40 th birthday and I am feeling lucky! :-)
Debbie K

Please put me into the contest. Thanks Anne

I love your hooks and would love to be the lucky recipient of the Valentine hook. Just a wild guess . . . it's the one on the left!

You are so nice and generous to giveaway your hooks. I love the idea that its for Valentines Day.
I would love to be entered into the drawing.
Happy Valentines day to you and Karol
xxxooo Janet

wow- what a beautiful hook - and yes -please enter me in the make some amazingly beautiful hooks!

Yes, I saw your contest on the blog. I’ve not been able to do a comment on your blog, so please enter my name in your giveaway from this email. I’d love to win that very special hook.

Hi Jimbo!
(edited to remove personal stuff)I came back just in time to see your Valentine's Day hook contest! I would LOVE to be entered to win the beeyootiful hook with the heart on top! Please consider this my official entry! Good luck to me and everyone else who entered!
Hugs to ya,

I would love to be entered in your valentine hook giveaway! Thanks for the chance, and for offering such a neat drawing. :)

Love the hook! Please add my add my name to the drawing. Thanks!!

Oh Jimbo, how I would love to win one of your special hooks! Please enter me and thanks as always for doing this!
Mary Ann

Melissa said...

Your hooks are absolutely beautiful! I would so love to own one, and am hoping to be lucky enough today to do just that! I love your blog, and I glad I found it, since looking at beautiful things makes me happy! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Teresa said...

What a beautiful hook! Please enter me into your drawing and Happy Valentine's Day!


Amei!!! com certeza a agulha de crochê é que tem este belo coração em sua extremidade. É uma verdadeira obra de arte que me faria muito feliz se a tivesse.

Beijos e felicidades!!!

tiffer90'3momma said...

Well I thought I left a comment but didn't see it ..but I would be honored to have one of your handmade hooks..