Friday, November 25, 2011

Hooks and news

Welp, we're back from the SUNNY Caribbean.  That's our boat in the distance, Jimbo feet in the foreground, and in between; Karol frolicking in the most amazingly blue water I've ever seen.

  It was a fun cruise, but I missed my whittling blades.  Ah but all was not lost in the sand and beautiful blue water.  I crocheted!!  Yup, I actually made a couple of scarves.  Well I call them scarves.  Some might call them something less than scarves, but hay, I gave them my full attention for like hours.  I'll show you the result along with the hook I used.   And let me say this about my crocheting.  I LOVE that hook!  It certainly wasn't the hook's fault that the scarves look like fishing nets that "Jaws" got tangled in.  No, the hook actually works amazingly well for a totally hand carved hook.  Why, then, you ask, are you selling it?  Look at what I made.  That hook deserves better.  But you can see what open lacey work it might be able to do in the right hands..

Here's one of the hook with my "artwork"....
I know, I know... stick to hook making.  I agree.  But the hook is a beauty and it's for sale.  It's made from the bramble bush up on Deadman Crick; whittled from a dead branch with lots of little bug trails.  Evidently little bugs don't mind the thorns.  I left their tracks and filled the deeper ones with the white filler you see.  I thought the bug trails were interesting enough to leave and besides, I wanted a big hook.  Plus the shape of the stick just fit my hand so well that I just couldn't bring myself to cut deeper.
So the hook ended up at 15.6 mm.  That's in the Q neighborhood.  big, eh?  Nice for FAST gift making.
I'll let this well traveled "Carib" hook go for $35. (SOLD)

Now for something totally new.

A spiffy shawl pin.  I've been tossing around idea for novel shawl pins and this is what I came up with.  Actually it's not totally new.  I came up with the idea while getting ready for my button and shawl pin carving class in October, and liked it so well that I've made several.  You see one here, but there are others.  I have an inventory well into the fives.  Not all look exactly like this one, but they're all similar in the captured post aspect.  All are made of spalted Aspen from the crick.  Different pins though.  This one is made from Montana Juniper.  Beautiful!  You see it in action above, trying really hard to make my crocheted scarf look good.  These beauties are a little over 2 inches in diameter, and the post in the center is shy of a 1/2 inch in diameter.
Price:  $25 (Two sold but more left)

And here's another, of the standard Jimbo freeform variety shawl pin.  It's made of wood from the venerable Apple Tree from up on the ranch, and is oh about 5 1/4 inches long.  So smooth I don't want to put it down.  But for YOU?  $20 (Sold)

Tis the season to be jolly, and here come some more Jimbo Crimmis hooks.  This time with a little more variety, as you can see....

These Jolly little hooks are here to get you into the spirit and make your Christmas gift making all the more fun.  They're fully functional hooks with a little bit of Christmas added. 

Lets start with the standard old run-o-the-mill Jimbo Crimmis hook at the bottom.  This hook is made of maple and has a genuine Christmas tree light removably attached to the foot.  You can take the bulb out if you like, or leave it in while you're making auntie Flo's Christmas scarf.  It's a 7mm, and without the bulb, is 7 1/2 inches long.
Price:  $35

Next up is the Green Ball hook.  It's also made of Maple, but has a decorative green glass ball on the foot.  The ball can be removed should you like, for off season crochet.  It's an N (10mm) and is about 7 3/4 inches long without the ball. 
Price:  $35

Now here's a really special hook.  It's made of maple, but has an intricately turned Christmas tree on the foot.  The tree is an integral part of the hook.  It's all one piece of wood.  No dowels, no lamination, no glue... just one stick of wood.  I was thinking of painting the tree, but Karol thought it would be a shame to cover that pretty wood, so I left it.  It's an L and is 8 1/2 inches long.  Unique.
Price:  $45 (SOLD)

And now the Red Ball hook.  This one is made from a wood that looks strikingly like Mahogany but isn't.  Might be a cousin of mahogany, but this is Lyptus, a very nice hardwood used in fine furniture and what's nice is that it's a sustainable hardwood.  Beautiful and unique grain with lots of "chatoyance".  It's a 7mm size and is 8 inches long including the ball.  Oh and the ball is glued in because the base was slightly smaller than the mounting hole, so a friction fit wasn't possible.  In short, the bal and hook are inseparable.
Price:  $35 (SOLD)

And how about these......

MORE!!  And they're all for sale!

Let's start at the top with this HUGE but very functional hook.  This monster is made from Deadman Crick Red Fir so it's fairly light for the size.  It's a whopping 1.5 inches in diameter.  The idea in making this hook was to provide a useful HUGE hook that wasn't Tunisian, so you can crochet with it in a normal fashion.  This biggie welcomes multiple strand, super chunky yarns without even a whimper.  And smooooooth?  Man oh Man!  Oh, and it's 9 1/4 inches long.  This is a REALLY unique hook that will definitely turn eyes at your crochet clutch.
Son of Dippy Price: $45 (SOLD)

Moving down from Son of Dippy, we have a succession of Beech hooks, three to be more specific.  Beech is a beautiful but tough wood that is often used in tool handles and wood working benches.  I like Beech for it's strength to weight ratio.  Very light, very strong.
The top Beech is a J (6mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long (gifted)
The middle Beech is an H and is a little over 8 inches long (SOLD)
The bottom Beech is an F (3 3/4 mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long
Price:  $25 each or $70 for the set

Down from the Beech group, we have a little hook that's a bit of a mystery to me.  I know the wood came from up on the Ranch, but I don't know the species.  Frustrating.  Anyways the wood is pretty, light weight, and is 7 1/4 inches long.  Slender, for a Jimbo hook, eh? 
Price:  $20 (SOLD)

The bottom hook is one of the most strikingly beautiful woods just ever.  It's , (Dalbergia cochinchinensis of the family Leguminosae)  and is also known as Siam Rosewood.  It's just amazingly beautiful. Color  and grain pattern with chatoyance is the most breathtaking.  A big drawback to a hook like this is that you'll loose crochet time just turning and looking at the hook instead of your project.
It's an H (5mm) and is 8 inches long.
Price:  $50 (SOLD)

Ok now lets move to the left side of the photo where we find a size 7 stand-up hook and a 7.5mm egg hook.
The size 7 stand-up hook is made of  a beautiful Deadman Crick Apple Wood and can stand on it's flat foot to become a little piece of sculpture.  While standing, this little hook reaches a whopping 7 inches tall.  And believe it or not, when it's laying down, its 7 inches long!  heh
Price:  $20 (sold)

The egg hook is made of good ole Deadman Crick Maple and is of the "Egg" hook variety.  Frankly, this is my favorite hook style because the bulb fits so well in my hand.  I especially like the little dark oval, which is really part of the cambium layer.   This hook is so comfortable using that you'll probably become mesmerized and crochet right through your private polo lesson.  Size is 7.5 mm (between a K and L) and it's 5 inches long.  If you're an over hand crocheter and experience hand pain, this style hook could be the answer to your dreams.
Price:  $30 (SOLD)

Last, we have the hook on the right side of the picture.  Lets call it Right Hook.  This hook is made from Thunder Plum, a wood I've made several hooks from and that I rescued from certain cremation at our local "waste-to-energy" waste disposal plant.  An iinteresting cambium layer and bark pattern helps make this stand up hook a totally unique look.  It's an H (5mm) and stands 7 inches tall.  Lay it down and it sure enough becomes 7 inches LONG.  ha  got you again!
Price: $30 (SOLD)

So there you have it.  Everything you need to fill your Christmas list!  All hand made.  All unique.

If you'd like to purchase one or more of these items. please drop me an email at

Thanks!  and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Kelly said...

Hi Jimbo. Love the scarves. I am also a crocheter and you gave me some ideas. I'm not sure how into crocheting you are but I know after a few hours my wrists start to hurt. I ended up going for an MRI at Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists. They told me to only crochet in moderation. Hope the same doesn't happen to you. Keep up the beautiful work.