Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Tribute to Golda

If you have followed this blog, you'll remember several years ago there was a post about Golda Leininger from Lewistown Montana.  The pictures above are of Golda from back then.  She was 94 years old at the time and still crocheting actively for folks in need.

I met Golda at the furthest end of a road trip taken with two great friends, Biff and Jack (Golda's son).  We had planned the trip to see the ranch where Jack grew up, to experience the awesome beauty of Montana, maybe do a little fishing, and meet Jack's Mommy, Golda.

It was a very full day's trip from Spokane to Lewistown.  We left early in the morning and arrived at Golda's apartment (she had moved into town from the ranch a few years previously) at 9pm.  Golda welcomed us with dinner, including her own home made apple pie.  At 9pm!  Remarkable?  After dinner and for a short time the next day, I got to know Golda.  Every thing I discovered amazed me.  Golda was living alone, pretty much unassisted; cooking for herself and others, pretty much doing everything you'd expect a normal 40 year old to be doing.  Except Golda was 94 at the time, and sharp enough for her and Jack to whip Biff and I at pinochle.  An exceptional woman, Golda, and the kindest hearted person you could meet.

Now it's not a bit unusual to meet nice folks in Montana.  The big sky must have a softening effect on folks there because I've NEVER met anyone from Montana who was rude or inhospitable.  Maybe its that as beautiful as Montana is, it tests souls.  Maybe Montana simply freezes rudeness away.  Striking blue sky,  aching winters..whatever it is there's something in Montana that raises good people.  Golda, Jack and Biff  are perfect examples.

So who ever heard of a 94 year old crocheting?  Golda crocheted all the beautiful things you see surrounding her in the picture.  Most of Golda's artwork has been given away to charity with the exception of few examples for entry in the local fair.  Golda entered crocheted pieces in the fair every year for 75 years.

That road trip and  Golda, will stay  with me the rest of my days.   It was a true life experience that always fetches a smile.

I'm blessed for knowing Golda. And I smile in her remembrance.

Golda, you see, has gone to heaven.

I thought you'd want to know.


Maureen said...

I remember that post! - what a grand old lady she was.

Anonymous said...

Linda história. Um exemplo de vida. Me deixou emocionada. Obrigada pelos maravilhosos post que você costuma colocar aqui.
Bjks, fica com Deus.
Rose Luz

CrochetBlogger said...

Beautiful remembrance!

I always love to use my blog to highlight the elderly women who are still crocheting. The oldest one I've found is 103!

Nanny said...

Que linda historia Jimbo.
um grande abraço Golda,desejo de todo coracao um dia ter a sua idade e continuar com minhas agulhas.


Melissa said...

I remember that post too. What an awesome woman shes was! I'm glad you had the chance to meet her Jimbo.

Kate said...

What a beautiful tribute to Golda! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Maven said...

May she rest in peace! XOXO