Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I did this last year and it was so much fun, I'm going to do it again this year. Maybe it'll catch on. I think in my little brain that it might be a good way to start kidos along the path to a positive addiction... CROCHET!

The contest is timed to coincide with the end of the school year (which is mid June here in the US). So the week of June 20 - 27 has been chosen for the event. It will be a great time for mom's, grandmothers, aunts, friends or whoever to have some quality time with a youngster and teach them crochet.... something really constructive and worthwhile to do with vacation time.

    Send pictures of what your students crochet project during the week of June 20 - 27. I will do a drawing from the entries and the winner will have their project posted in my blog and will win a Jimbo hook.  It'd be great if other fiber art professionals would join in, with prizes or projects especially designed for children learning to crochet.

You can enter your fledgling crochetier in the contest by sending me a picture of their crochet project during the week of June 20 - 27th.  Entries can be emailed to me at:


Last year we had some really nifty projects.. most were simple chains, which is perfectly alright.  

Thanks again to everyone who participated last year and here's a big CHEER to those who will enter this year!!

Hoping to see entries pour in!

NOTE: I've been asked if there is an age limit. No, there's no limit, but the idea is to encourage teaching crochet to youngsters. That said, and to avoid legal issues, entry in the contest should be done by a legal age teacher on behalf of the kido crocheter. There should be no information submitted about the child beyond a picture of the kido's project WITHOUT the kido in the picture. I tell you..... what's the world coming to??


Poppy&Bee said...

Hi! I love this idea - I hope it's ok that I've shared your contest on my blog for all the Kiwi Kids here in NZ. Now to get my wee Bee to whip up his chain of beauty!

Sandie said...

What age children are included? I don't have any young children in the house now, but I taught both my children when they were young 'uns. Daughter was 9. I think son was a little older, but it didn't "take" with him. LOL

Annie said...

lol jimbo. I sent you some pics. several actualy. some have my DD in it. and I do not mind her being in the pic, I"m her mom n I willingly sent them. but there are a few without her in the pic,
This is a good contest. I know my DD is eager to learn

Anonymous said...

Gostaria muito de participar desse concurso, tenho um blog e lá tem muitas peças em croche, essas agulhas vieram em boa hora pq sempre foram meu desejo. Salette marques pizzoli

Anonymous said...

Sou crocheteira e tenho um blog com varias peças e gostaria de ganhar essas agulhas tão desejadas e que não posso comprar. Agora apareceu essa oportunidade.

Anonymous said...

Tenho hum blogue e la São mostradas muitas Peças los croche e gostaria de ganhar essas agulha parágrafo melhorar MEU Trabalhos e nao Posso comprar. Surgiu ESSA Oportunidade e Quero aproveitá-la.