Friday, May 27, 2011



More hooks are left for sale two posts below.  And more to come!

YOU are the first to see and have a chance to bid on the smallest size hook I've ever made.  This is a Tiger Wood hook made in a size D (3.25mm).  Had to use a magnifying glass to see the hook head as it was being carved.  I crocheted with it and it works just fine.  Wouldn't recommend this hook to crocheters who are prone to breaking hooks because their tension is so high, but I believe for "normal" tension this amazing hook will work just fine.  The hook is not small in any aspect but the size.  It's 7 inches long and has a form fitting thumb rest as you can see in the top photo.

Now what I'm going to do, since I have so much time involved in making this hook (I couldn't expect to set a price based on my time... nobody could afford it)..... so I'll do an old fashioned auction.

We'll allow a bit of time for the Holiday and close bidding at 10pm Tuesday night (June 7) Pacific time, due to the upcoming Holiday.

A little twist here, for the benefit of my followers.  The bidding will start at $35.  If the bids do not go above $35 I will do a drawing and give the hook away to one of my followers.

To new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'll not be here ALL the time... so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as I'm able to get to them. Identical bids are entered by first bid posted, so if your bid is the same as another, I'll go by which ever one mailed. Also please increase bids by $5 minimum. email bids, if you like, to me at

Here we go!

Barbara goes $35
Just back from the Crick and find Carol here with her bid of $40
Barbara comes back with $50

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Melissa said...

Such a tiny little hook. ;) It's beautiful as always. I've always wanted a smaller hook of yours. To bad I can't afford it right now! LOL