Wednesday, May 04, 2011

RAOK (Random acts of Kindness) Week, May 2-8 Proclamed.... lets make it INTERNATIONAL!!!

Tony Antonucci, I'm very proud to say, is a friend of mine. I met Tony while we were involved in a local High School fund raising project for our students in Ferris High School here in Spokane. Tony has energy to burn and it's always directed at helping someone. If there were nominations for Santa Claus, Tony would be my choice.
I just today learned that Tony has been lobbying for a nationally declared Random Act of Kindness week (May 2 - 8). Here's a link to the story in our local newspaper, the Spokesman Review.....

After reading the article, I thought why not support Tony and see if RAOK week might be taken to an INTERNATIONAL level. Why not? So... if you're reading this and you have a blog or are a member of a group or are on facebook or have any other access to spread the word, Please help support Tony in his efforts to establish May 2 - 8 as not just National, but International Random Act of Kindness Week.
And what do we do during the week? We simply perform random acts of kindness for others, no matter how small. What a concept!! This world could certainly use more kindness. I'm proud to support Tony, and hope you're inspired to participate as well!

(My first RAOK of the week, a pretty picture for YOU)

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