Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boye interchangeable thead Hook SOLD to the nice and AMAZINGLY talented lady from England

click to see remarkable detail!

Here's the first image in my blog, taken with my new camera! It's a dandy; a Canon TS3i and it'll do the dishes if I could just figure out which buttons to push. But it takes beautiful pictures!!

And the subject? Well I do need to start selling hooks or folks will think I've fallen off the lathe.

What you see here is a Boye style interchangeable thread set, with interchangeable thread hooks ranging in size from 1 - 14. The hook handle is made from a ultra beautiful, ultra light weight Maple burl. Now with the increased image quality I'm getting with this new camera, you can get a better idea of the depth of the wood grain character. There's no thumb rest yet on the hook, but I'll gladly make one for the buyer.

Price: $65

Buy this hook by being the first to email me of your intention.... at

Sorry posting took so long, but I had to wait quite a while for the camera to get here.

Thanks for your patience!!


Shell Lee said...

Gorgeous! I hope you make more of these sets in the future when I have the spare cash to try to buy one :)

Jaybird Designs said...

that is so cool!!!! May have to start saving my pennies!!