Friday, February 11, 2011

The graduating class of Feb. 10, 2011

The graduates pictured here attended my crochet hook whittling class at Woodcraft in Spokane Valley last night. The rest of the class got away before I remembered to grab my camera but here is what we found after clearing away that pile of nice curley shavings; a good lookin bunch of very patient and talented students and the hooks they whittled. Very astute and apt whittlers, these. AND we made it through the 3 hour class without needing a single bandaid!

Thanks for being such good students!


Cris said...

oh I do wish I lived closer!

Lorrie P said...

My husband and I enjoyed the class very much and appreciated you sharing your expertise with us. I've already gathered some dead apple and cherry branches, just need to get me a carving knife, guess it's back to Woodcraft. Thanks Jim!

rosebud75 said...
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