Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Been away to the Ranch again

Here is a photo taken yesterday morning (Jan. 17) from the Jacknife road above the Ranch. My good friend Dickie and I stayed an extra day (thanks to our Lovely and considerate wives Debbie and Karol). So before packing up to leave, Dickie suggested a ride to see the sites. We ended up heading up the Jacknife Road which climbs the mountains on the North side of the Canyon above our place on the Crick. Notice the long white patch of snow in the lower left side of the picture? That's a field down the road from our place about a mile. So if you were to mozy on up the canyon about a mile, and if you were to have X-ray vision to see through that ridge just above the baby pines in the foreground; you'd be looking at the ranch. A bit of low hanging cloud cover hides our place too, but I thought it was a pretty view worth sharing. Come to think of it, if you had a really big x-ray and fog penetrating magnifying glass, you would be able to see little saw marks on dead branches in bushes and trees where many of my crochet hooks have originated. So if you happen to own a genuine Deadman Crick wood crochet hook, the area you're looking at is where it was born...
Conditions haven't let me make lots of hooks lately, and I apologize to those who wait. Hopefully there will be more soon.
Thanks for your patience. Wishing you the best year to come!


Sharon Marie said...

Beautiful! I don't think it was too much of a hardship for the wives to stay an extra day. :)

amy said...

Ah, what a lovely view. I'm feeling the need to get out in the woods. It would be an antidote for the slings and arrows of daily life.