Monday, July 26, 2010

Bullion, Deadman Crick Fir, and German Plum hooks for SALE

Next up! Something totally new. I've had lots of requests for just plain outright sales of my hooks from folks who prefer not to do the auction thing. So I've decided to try this out, and actually sell, rather than auction some hooks. This is a first for me on the blog so it'll be interesting and informative about how it goes. I guess It'll still take a little care to do because these hooks (like all of the hooks I make) are one of a kind and can't easily be duplicated. So it'll have to be first come first served I guess.

Ok so here goes. Lets look at the hooks in the picture from left to right.

First up is a really unique hand made genuine Deadman Crick Fir J (6mm) hook. This is the hook style that started me with hook making... made from a stick in the true sense of the word. I even left a good part of the cambium layer on to maintain the rustic nature of this beauty. There's even little bug holes in the handle (the bugs moved on). Ultra lightweight, smoooooooth, and totally comfy for a knife grip with that little "trigger" spot for the crook of your index finger. Oh and it's 7 1/2 inches long (19 cm).
Price: $25 SOLD

The middle hook was made especially for bullions but will work fine for regular crochet as well. What features make it a bullion hook? Well first thing you see is the shank length. Extra length to let you build up lots of loops. I did 15 with ease. Next is the head and throat. The hook head tapers and the lip is just a teensy bit rounded toward the throat so it won't easily catch on the loops as they're drawn off the hook. Also the throat is short so loops won't have a good chance to collapse as they move back off the hook. The hook is long (8 3/4 inches or 22cm), for balance with that long shank. The thumb rest is there but slightly smaller to make it easier to rotate the hook. Size? It's an H (5mm)
AND to top it all off, its made of a BEAUTIFUL dark hardwood, Zircote.
If bullions scare you, this just might be the hook for you!
Price: $45SOLD

The hook on the right is remarkable for the wood its made from. It's German Plum. I discovered German Plum when my son Lance brought me some from an Exotic Hardwood shop in Portland. The wood is just amazing. Not only is it a dream to work with, the grain and color is just sublime. Its amazingly light weight but strong and tight grained. Probably close to the perfect hook wood. The down side is that this stuff is really hard to find, maybe because it might be called by another name; but regardless, this may well be the last piece I have.
And the hook? It's an I (5.5mm) and is 7 1/2 inches (19cm) of hooky smoothness.
Price: $35SOLD

If you'd like to buy, email me at

Since this is a direct sale thing, there's no time limit. I'll simply edit this post to indicate when a hook is sold.

Thanks for dropping by!

Oh and please also take a look at the auction that's still running below this post.

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