Monday, May 24, 2010

Amazing Crochet Hooks Auction is OVER... Thank you, Bidders!

The auction is over, but more hooks will be coming soon, I promise!
High bidders, please consider using paypal by clicking on the "make a donation" button in the left margin of this blog. If you'd like to pay otherwise, please email me and we'll make arrangements.
Thanks to everyone who came by!

This photo is a heel end view of the first hook up for bids, made of figured Panama Rosewood, one of the most beautiful woods in the world. See the many little closely spaced lines? Those are growth rings that measure growth seasons. In some trees each ring measures a year. Don't know about this particular wood, but you can bet it's very old. This photo is a close up of the hook end which measures about 5/8 (16mm) in diameter. There must be well over 50 of these growth rings in that small space. Close growth rings equal dense wood, equal great quality for crochet hooks. This hook is just amazing. Its also one of THE most beautiful pieces of wood I've worked with.

(please click on images to enlarge)
Here is the rest of the Panama Rosewood hook. Beautiful, eh? The grain in this hook is just a feast for the eye. Color, grain texture, contrast. Holey Cow!
Ok getting back to ground, this hook is a size 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 inches (17.8cm)

(click image to enlarge)
Not that these hooks are slouches, mind you. They're all amazing. I just was awestruck by that Panamanian wood. Ok ok.. on to the other beauties.

The top hook is straight from Deadman Crick, and one of our many bush maples. It's VERY lightweight and Very white in color. You'll have to glance down once in awhile to make sure you're holding this hook, its that light. And useful! It's an H (5mm) and is 6 3/4 inches long (17.15cm).

Moving down one, we have another beautiful rosewood, this time its Honduran. Again there's very tight grain structure and beautiful color. Isn't South America amazing!? Gotta visit there someday. Anyways this hook is a G (4mm) and is 6 3/4 inches long (17.15cm).

The next hook down is ANOTHER South American Beauty, this time from Brazil.. Brazilian Rosewood, is somewhat similar in color to American Black Walnut but MUCH harder and dense. More beautiful grain and color! This one is an I 5.5mm) and is a bit longer, 7 1/4 inches long (18.42cm).

Last but far from least is another Deadman Crick original. You might call this a rustic hook. Heck, I might call it a rustic hook too! Conjures up images of the Adirondack cabins and all the rustic bark-on furniture that I drool over. Got a lake place? Want your crochet hook to blend right in? This is the hook for you! AND its made in a size that makes your afghans move along at lightspeed. It's an M for Mountains (9mm) and with the shaped grip, might just be one of the most comfortable hooks you'll own. The wood? More from the Crick. Rustic is as rustic does. Oh and it's amazingly light for an 8 1/4 inch long (21cm)hunk O'Crickwood.

So there you have it. We'll do a short auction on these beauties, and close bidding at 10pm Thursday night (May 27) Pacific time, due to the upcoming Holiday.

To new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'll not be here ALL the time... so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as I'm able to get to them. Identical bids are entered by first bid posted, so if your bid is the same as another, I'll go by which ever one mailed. Also please increase bids by $5 minimum. email bids, if you like, to me at

Here we go!


Panama Rose:
Dawn goes $20
April bids $35

Deadman Crick Maple:
Jenny bids $20
Kimberly ups it to $25
Nicole goes to $35

Honduran Rose:
Lorraine goes a 10 spot
Alesha ups it to $15
Barb is here with $20
Nicole says $25
Connie goes $30
Nicole raises to $35
Connie goes to $40
Alice raises it to $45
Wooo! Connie goes to $50

Brazilian Rose:
Jennifer's here with $10
Kimberly bumps up to $15
Jennifer, to $20
Barb again with $25

Deadman Crick Rustic:
AnaMaria says $15
Adarondack Amy goes to $20
Vaughnde goes $25
Kate goes to $30

And thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your patience waiting for hooks to come up for bids. I've been out of commission the past few weeks with family health issues. But all is much better now and I'm BACK!!!

Good health to YOU!!


Anonymous said...
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Alesha said...

Your talent is gorgeous. I'm bidding (sure to be outbid) - but it's low enough now to throw my name in the ring. LOL!