Thursday, February 11, 2010


EVERYONE knows ROSERED. She is THE designer who made my favorite afghan in the world, the LUMBERJACK FLANNELGHAN. Not only is she good lookin; she's a supurb crochet designer, AND, so I've found over the past couple of weeks, an inventor!!!

Rosered contacted me a few weeks back with an idea for a fabric hook that would be really sharp so you could poke it through fabric for making dishcloths or any other kind of project where you want to join fabric and yarn. So we went to work. There was a bit of trial and error (error on MY part, and trial on Rosered's) till we got a design that seems to work pretty well.

So to celebrate her idea's culmination, Rosered's having a hook naming contest over in her blog. Course I'm partial to the name I gave it, "Jabber the Hook" and "Rosered's Pokey Hook" but she'd like to choose from a bigger selection. So, drop on over to Rosered's blog and enter to win one of the VERY first of a totally (to us anyways) new hook!

I made up one of these pointy hooks from a chopstick and found that it works well too...

so I'll be taking orders for them, with ALL proceeds going to FARA (Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance). Consider ordering a gob, and give them as gifts. It's a pretty sure thing your friend will not already have one of these marvels of Rosered's creative genius. Price?? A MINIMUM donation of $10 each. How to order? Email me at

Oh and don't forget the Valentine hook giveaway contest and auction going on directly below this post.

Exciting, eh!!!

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thanks, you are veru suit woman! sorry for my lenguage!!! kiss you, daniela