Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ranch in Winter...auction is closed...(sorry I'm late announcing!!)

BETH is the high bidder for the 7mm Rosa hook!

ARITE is the high bidder for the Tamarack hook!!

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stayed another day after everyone else left, and since it's quiet, the deer come out. Nice little white tail buck and his girlfriend down by the old apple tree. Picture's a little dark cause it was dusk.

So pretty out you can just sit and stare, especially through the window from inside where its cozy and warm from the woodstove.

And a couple more hooks to auction!
The top hook is a real beauty, and a re-appearance of one of the finest hardwoods for hooks that I've come across. Its called Peraba Rosa,and it makes just absolutely SUPURB hooks. (the following is a repeat from a past auction for a Peraba Rosa hook) With sharp tools, almost continuous long curly shavings that make this wood an absolute joy to turn. Ah but that's not of interest to crochetiers... Crochetiers want smooooooth hooks that are such a pleasure to hold that beautiful crocheted art just floats off the hook. This is one of those woods. And the color!? Well just look! I researched this wood, and found that its common to Brazil (THANK YOU BRAZIL!!) and doesn't normally have this rich pumpkin color. Normally its more brown and red. So I'm thinking this is an unusual piece, and I'm lucky to have some to work with. But the beauty is in the tightness of the grain and ability to take detail. Carvers would die for this wood! Silk, its like!
This hook and the one below are made to in between sizes. This one is a 7mm, smack between a K and L. And it's 7 inches (17.8cm) long.

And the other hook? Can you guess what kind of wood this is? Think of the tree that looks like a fir, but its really related to hardwoods and it sheds it's needles in the fall after they turn the most brilliant yellow. BEAUTIFUL trees and one of my most favorite woods. Yup you got it. It's Tamarack (Western Larch), and this hook was taken from a fallen branch from a tree that was a little tike when I was a sprout up on the crick. I guess we sort of grew up together. Its huge now, and still pretty healthy.. just sheds a branch or two now and then. So Tamarack is a pretty honey colored wood that's usually knotty and this hook is no exception. In fact there's a knot right in the gullet. Knots are very hard so I take that as a good thing, having a knot in the gullet. Size wise, this one's an O. You never see an O in store bought hooks. Why? Because they didn't want to confuse anyone by using an O which might be confused with a zero. I think you're smarter than that and so I made you an O hook (10.5mm), between the N and P sizes. Its 8 inches long (20.3cm) and is light as a feather... well maybe a wet feather.

This will be another very short auction. Let's finish it up this Friday Night (Jan 22) at oh let's say 5pm Pacific Time (lets the folks back East go to bed earlier).

As usual, you can email bids with $5.00 raise minimums please, to me at:


To new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'll not be here ALL the time though so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as Jimboly possible. Identical bids are entered by the time posted so if your bid is the same as another, I'll go by which ever one was posted first.

And thanks again for dropping by!!


7mm Rosa:
Beth from Australia goes $25

10.5mm Tamarack:
Wow, a bid from Oz, now one from Germany! Arite bids $30


angelfire said...

Jimbo, they are both beautiful, I love your hooks and one day I will own another one. For now I am using one today to make a gift for a very generous friend.

missmaxx said...

Hello Jimbo,
They're beautiful. As usual. I had to write to say thank you once more for making this beautiful walnut hook I was lucky enough to win last week. It's helping me create a lapghan for a wonderful neighbor who will be turning 94 next month. The yarn just flows over it.
To anyone considering bidding: go for it! You'll love it!

Anonymous said...
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rockpoolcandy said...

Beautiful pictures.
I can just imagine you sitting there, looking out over the snow, toasty, maybe a glass of nice red wine to sup.
It's cold and wet back in Norn Iron (when isn't it!)
I'm slowly adding hooks to my collection, having collected sticks on my US travels. My latest is my weirdest. Carved from the hanging root of a Banyan tree, from the Dwarf Garden in the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota. Who knows what that will end up hooking!

Anonymous said...

When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane. ....................................................