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My son Lance, when he was about 3, couldn't say Christmas. He called it Crimmis. And this, my friends has just become the annual Jimbo Crimmis Hook Contest. And the prize is the very first ever in the known Universe, Jimbo Crimmis Hook!! Want to win it? Just leave a remark in this post, below the auction, and tell me how good you've been this year. Or if you aren't able to post a remark, email me at


to enter.

And yes, that's a REAL Christmas Tree light; and no it doesn't light up.

I'm setting a finish date at the end of the auction below (Tuesday Dec. 15th 10pm).

Enter yourself, or nominate someone who's been very very good this year. I'm sure there will be lots of VERY nice folks who enter, and picking the most deserving will be impossible... so I'll simply draw a name from the entries to select a winner.

Oh and the hook? Its a fully functional Maple (from Jimbo Claus's tree) and it's a K (6.5mm)

Good Luck and Merry Crimmis!!

And the AUCTION:

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OK! Here's a number of hooks for all who'd like to treat themselves or others to Jimbo hooks for Christmas! I've been out in cold, working and working to catch up with auction hooks and this is the result. Whew!!!

So lets start at the top, with a hand carved Fir K+. I say K plus because the hook is a tweener, between a K and an L, or in the MM sizes, a 7mm. It has a forefinger AND thumb rest that should fit overhand grippers really well. The intricate carving on the handle is done gratis by those little woodcarving bugs that used to live between the bark and cambium layer of the wood. I promise they've moved on, but they left some serious artwork.

The next two down are something totally new for me and the world of crochet in general. I've combined tunisian and bullion hook features and came up with the first and only "Bullisian" Jimbo hooks! Actually I'll have to fess up. These two aren't the absolute first "Bullisian" hooks. I made one earlier and took it with me to Portland with Dippy. While in Portland, I was able to have the FAMOUS and ULTRA talented Bullion Queen, Bonnie Pierce (hope you don't mind me dropping your name, Bonnie) test the first one. And she LIKED it!! I was encouraged but didn't have time to make more till now. So... what you have here are long tunisian style hooks that can certainly be used for tunisian crochet, but wait... there's more! the hooks at the working ends of these beauties having special features that make bullions a breeze! Stack'em up, slide'em off. Cinchy!
The top Bullisian (tm) ((heh)) hook is bamboo, with a fir knob. Its an M (9mm) and its 9-5/8" long (24.4cm). The other is Birch and it's a J (6mm) and is just a teensy bit longer than the M. It sports a maple knob.
Want to be one of the first (after Bonnie) to have a "Bullisian" hook?? Now's your chance!

Now, starting on the group below.. from left to right.

Hook 1 is an ultra lightweight but HUGE hook. It's made of cedar from up on the ranch and is just amazingly light. Sizewise, its a 15.88mm (5/8 inches in diameter)and is 19.5 cm (7-5/8 inches)long. As amazing as the weight, the grain is irridescent! A really beautiful hook!

Hook 2 is an L (8mm) made of good ole Deadman Crick Aspen. Another lightweight beauty! Its longish, almost 8 inches long (20.3cm)and a light colored beauty.

Hook 3 is a White Oak K. More beautiful grain with radial flecks that are reminiscent of the "Craftsman" era furniture. It has the original Jimbo style thumbrest and is 7 inches long (17.8cm). NICE!!

Hook 4 is one of the South American Rosewoods (can't remember which), but it's a beauty! This is a really hard wood, so I went ahead and cut it down to a tiny G size (4mm). It has the universal Jimbo grip and is 7 inches (17.8cm) long. Rosewood, G, ergonomic grip.... need I say more?

Hooks 5, 6, and 7 are all Jimbo egg hooks. I have crochetiers who LOVE this style hook and some who have said they couldn't crochet with anything else (due to physical joint or muscle issues)
#5 is the darker of the three and it's made from good ole Deadman Crick Briar. Its an H (5mm) and is 5 inches (12.7cm) long. The bulb is a little over a inch in diameter (2.8cm).
#6 is made of Ornamental Crab Apple and is the same size as the Briar hook..and H (5mm) 5 inches (12.7cm) long. The bulb is a little over a inch in diameter (2.8cm).
#7 is made of Maple. A beautiful wood, Maple. Anyways its a J (6mm) and otherwise the same size as it's buddies; 5 inches (12.7cm) long and with the bulb part a little over a inch in diameter (2.8cm).

Hook#8 is a real beauty, hand carved from genuine Deadman Crick Fir. Its a pretty stright hook with a hint of thumb rest, so the rustic colors and grain show clearly. I guarantee you'll not have another hook like this one in your collection. Its in the range of a Q, at 13mm and is 7 1/4 inches (18.42cm1)long. A great hook for fast shawls.

And last but far from least are the FARA chophooks. ALL proceeds from these very useful hooks go to help find a cure or treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia. No need to bid on chophooks, but I ask for a minimum $10 donation. Order as many as you like, I'll keep making them till the cows come home or they find a cure.

As usual, you can email bids with $5.00 raise minimums please, to me at:


To new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'm not here ALL the time though so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as Jimboly possible. Identical bids are entered by the time posted so if your bid is the same as another, I'll go by which ever one was posted first.

We'll run this auction up until Tuesday, 10pm Pacific Time, Dec. 15. With luck and the grace of the postal service, these hooks should be in your hands by Christmas!

Thanks for your patience!!


Hand carved Fir K+....
Melissa's here with $20

Bullisian M.....
Katie.. $10 (corrected from my mistake... sorry Katie)

Bullisian J.....
Nicole goes $15

Hook 1 (cedar monster)...
Katie.. $15

Hook 2 (Aspen L)....
Oh oh... a very good little girl gets the L. Bidding's closed on this one!

Hook 3 (White Oak K)...
Beth from OZ! bids $20
Andrea goes to $25

Hook 4 (Rosewood G)...
Shhhh Jimbo Claus has grabbed set this one aside for JoBug's sister who is donating her a kidney. That put her way WAY up on the "Nice" list!

Hook 5 (Briar Egg H)...
Vanessa starts it off with a bid of $10
Nicole: $15
Annie.. $25

Hook 6 (Ornamental Crab Egg H)...
Lillibet: $5
Nicole goes $15

Hook 7 (Maple Egg J)...
Jenny goes $20

Hook 8 (Handcarved Fir Q-ish)
Melissa with $20
Anamaria takes it to $25
Melissa ..$30

Chophooks... no need to bid, just paypal your donation of at least $10 per hook and let me know how many you're buying.


Weather permitting, there'll be a very special hook coming to a front porch near here... soon.



badrhinogillett said...

Way to go Jimbo Claus!! Kidney donating sisters deserve Jimbo hooks and accolades and all good stuff life has to offer!

qwerty said...

Dear Karol,

I am the "Good Girl" Jimbo Claus has favored with beautiful hook #2

Would you please act as my proxy and give Jimbo Claus a gigantic warm hug for me?

Jenny said...

You are the best Jimbo Claus!

segi1974 said...

Hi Jimbo
I am leaving my comments on the Crimmis Hook Contest. I have been a very good person this year. I volunteer at the Animal Lifeline store where all the procees go to save animals. I take good care of my 85 year old Mom. Don't know what else I can say, but if you don't think I am worthy of this beautiful hook from Jimbo Claus then the next person I think should get it would be Tampa Doll on Crochetville. She is a very caring and giving person all through the year. If it is meant to be it will happen, if not I am sure the hook will find a great home and be treasured for a long time. Thanks for all you do,

Segi1974 Kathy

Jimbo said...

Great entry, Kathy! I'll enter you AND Tampa Doll in the contest. But because I won't be able to pick the most deserving (EVERYONE who crochets is deserving!).. I'll pick the winner by a drawing of the entries.

Janey said...

If the Crimmis Hook Contest is still open for entries ...
I have been very good this year. I have crocheted squares into blankets which I donated to the local church-run homeless group.
I collected individual Christmas gifts which I packaged and took to the local women's shelter.

Merry Crimmis to all!

ccprice said...

I love the "Crimmis Hook". I'm in on the contest. You know I've been a good girl! I take care of your 3 grandchildren and you're my favorite father-in-law. (Your wife is awsome too!)

shannie_nae said...

Dear Jimbo Claus,
I have been a good girl this year by crocheting many of my christmas gifts. I take care of a 4yr old boy and volunteer at his school twice a week. I am a regular reader of your blog and love hearing about life on the crik.

shannie_nae said...

Dear Jimbo Clause,
I want to nominate my dear sister Sarah H. for the Crimmis hook. She is a new crochier and I think she needs to see the wonder of a Jimbo hook. She is a newlywed so she needs a fine new hook to make her and her new hubby a nice warm afghan to cuddle under on those cold snowy nights. She too has been a very good girl this year. She will help out anyone who asks without question, a wonderful woman indeed.

Katie said...

I would like to enter the Crimmis Hook Contest. I have been good this year. :)...
I bought one of your hooks and started a project earlier this year...I really enjoyed using the hook, but due to some technical difficulties with the blanket pattern (colorwork), I ended up knitting the blanket instead. I hope to use my hook to complete a project before too long.... I'm going to try crochet by number after Christmas.
If possible, could you enter my good friend Sam...she's very private, so I'll be brief...she is ALWAYS there when she's needed and has a WONDERFUL attitude.

I hope you and your family have a wonderfuly holiday season! :)

Crochet-n-Quilt said...

Oh, I probably haven't been "good" enough to win, but still would love to odorne my Christmas tree with the Crimmis Hook! The Hook would then work magic throughout the rest of the year. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fun "Crimmis" contest Jimbo!
I'm not sure if "good' is the right word to describe me but I certainly feel blessed! I got a new baby girl for my 40th b-day this year! Totally unexpected, but aren't most kids? ;)
My oldest is 11, then 8, and a 5 yr old. So she gets lots of love from her siblings. I've had to use lots of patience and had many sleepless nights but it's been a great year!

Sherri said...

WOW what a hook! Merry Crimmis to you too

angelfire said...

JImbo the Christmas hook is so sweet, and donating the G hook to JoBug's sister is wonderful. I wish I was only that good. Merry Christmas my friend.

Maureen said...

Ooo, I would like to enter the contest too please! I have taught my eight-year-old granddaughter how to crochet his year, and I think that is a very good thing to have done - a future customer for you, perhaps!

Simply Me said...

Well, I just stumbled up on your blog and i am amazed! I truely love these hooks and if they crochet as good as they look I can't wait to get one. I sure hope win. All though I have not been all that good I wouldlove to have a nice hook to do some crochet. Keep up the work and I will keeptring to win.