Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apple tree sculpted Hook... SOLD*

*Shortest auction ever, eh? Well I should have first offered the hook to the second highest bidder in the first auction. I've made that right, and the hook is sold. BUT I promise more will be coming!! I'm hoping to do some more Chophooks too. They make really great Christmas gifts and help out a very worthy cause.

Ever see this hook before? It was auctioned several months back but circumstances didn't allow the high bidder to claim the hook. I've held it what I feel is a long enough time (since May), just in case... but decided today that its just too pretty to be sitting on my desk and not in someone's hands making beautiful things.

I copied the description below from the earlier auction, cause it's all still true.

What you see here is my best work yet, in terms of sculptural value in a crochet hook. Shades (albeit distant shades) of Henry Moore! The handle end of this hook is sculpted in an abstract form that is organic and so sensual it begs fondling. Functional form, in the crochet aspect, is almost if not totally dominated by the grain and structure of the Applewood medium and the form it takes at the heel of this hook. Seriously, photographic detail does little justice.

I've been wanting to use more artistic expression in some of my hooks, as a hopeful supplement to the natural beauty of the wood, but have been intimidated by what wood so easily does on it's own. So this is a pretty bold venture for me, and I have to admit to a degree of trepidation about it's acceptance. But here it is, for all it's worth.

My indecision is past, and realizing that I'm a whittler, not a crochet hook collector... I've decided to put this remarkable piece of nature (and some whittling) up for bids.

I'll take bids on this hook ($5 minimum raises please), till 10pm November 25.

Oh and bytheway... this hook is made from a branch of the famous old Deadman Crick Apple tree from up on the ranch. Its 7 1/4 inches (18.5 cm) long and is a K (6.5mm).

You can email bids to me at:

I'll try to post bids as they come in but be warned, I'm busy designing and building a set for a local play so will be away for hours at a time. But I promise to post bids as soon as I come back from the studio.

Thanks for dropping by!



Doris Sturm said...

It took me a while to figure out that first photo .... my mind must be playing tricks on me. This is the most unusual hook I have ever seen. Everyone would know that it was mine.

I have never seen such a hook before in my life. It's a true work of art. How beautiful!

Kelley said...

I am the very proud owner of this gorgeous hook! It is so SMOOTH, it's just amazing! It fits my hand PERFECTLY, so the hook and me were meant to be! I received the hook the day before Thanksgiving and I am very Thankful for Jimbo and his talented hands. I will cherish this hook forever! Thanks! Kelley